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Cambridge Handbook roundtable

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Wed 8 December 2021

The Cambridge Handbook of Health Research Regulation provides a definitive reference guide to designing scientifically sound and ethically robust medical research, considering legal, ethical and practical issues. At this roundtable editors Graeme Laurie, Edward Dove, Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra, Catriona McMillan, Emily Postan, Nayha Sethi and Annie Sorbie will to discuss key themes arising from the handbook.

The book is available open access, here.

The first ever interdisciplinary handbook in the field, this vital resource offers wide-ranging analysis of health research regulation The chapters confront gaps between documented law and research in practice, and draw on legal, ethical and social theories about what counts as robust research regulation to make recommendations for future directions. The handbook provides an account and analysis of current regulatory tools – such as consent to participation in research and the anonymisation of data to protection participants’ privacy – as well as commentary on the roles of the actors and stakeholders who are involved in human health research and its regulation. Drawing on a range of international examples of research using patient data, tissue and other human materials, the collective contribution of the volume is to explore current challenges in delivering good medical research for the public good and to provide insights on how to design better regulatory approaches.

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