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Commercial Law

The focus of commercial law research at Edinburgh Law School is on commercial law, corporate law and governance, banking and financial law, and employment and labour law. Over the years a distinctive ‘Edinburgh’ methodology has been developed, which gives particular weight to legal history, comparative law, and law and economics methodological approaches.

Princes Street in Edinburgh

As well as using comparative law as an analytical tool for Scots law, many members of the commercial law research area have engaged in more general comparative-law work. This is reflected in innumerable publications, in participation in a large number of international projects and conferences, and in a steady flow of commercial law scholars in the team to Edinburgh, and of Edinburgh scholars to universities throughout the world.

The fact that Scots law is one of the world’s few ‘mixed’ legal systems - i.e., a legal system that combines (English) common law with (Continental) civil law - is particularly helpful for comparative-law engagement.

Arianna Andreangeli, Senior Lecturer in European Law

Emilios Avgouleas, Chair in International Banking Law and Finance

David Cabrelli, Chair of Labour Law

Luci Carey, Teaching Fellow in Commercial Law

Anna Christie, Lecturer in Banking, Corporate and Financial Law

Jonathan Hardman, Lecturer in International Commercial Law

Parker Hood, Lecturer

Simone Lamont-Black, Senior Lecturer in International Trade Law

Longjie Lu, Lecturer in Banking, Corporate and Financial Law

Lorna Richardson, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law

Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, Senior Lecturer in International Private Law 

Pedro Schilling de Carvalho, Early Career Fellow

Remus Valsan, Senior Lecturer in Corporate Law

Ruiqiao Zhang, Lecturer in Corporate Finance, Corporate and Commercial Law

Journal articles

An objective or subjective approach to rectification of documents in Scotland?
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Articles of association in UK private companies: An empirical leximetric study
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Further legal determinants of external finance in Scotland: An intra-UK market for incorporations?
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Reconceptualising Scottish limited partnership law.
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The concept of money in the 4th Industrial Revolution: A legal and economic analysis.
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Caveat Emptor: Clarity for statutory gratuitous alienations in Scotland
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The Companies Act 2006: It’s time to complete the transition
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The capabilities approach: A panacea for labour law’s ills?
Cabrelli, David. In: University of Toronto Law Journal, Vol. 70, No. 3, 31.03.2020. View article

A developed understanding of the beneficiary’s interest in commercial trusts through a comparative study of Chinese law
Zhang, R., In: Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, 19 May 2020. View article

Book chapters

'United Kingdom’
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Employment Law in Context: Text and Materials,
Cabrelli, David, Fourth edition, to be published by Oxford University Press, 2020.

Edited collections

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