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Dr Agomoni Ganguli Mitra

Dr Agomoni Ganguli Mitra profile picture
Lecturer and Chancellor's Fellow in Bioethics and Global Health Ethics

Co-Director of Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Science and the Law

Office hours:

On Sabbatical in 2020/21

Tel: 0131 650 9718


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Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra is Lecturer and Chancellor’s Fellow in Bioethics and Global Health Ethics at Edinburgh University School of Law. She is also a member of the Wellcome Trust-funded Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society, where she leads on the Centre themes Beyond Global and Beyond Sex. Dr. Ganguli-Mitra’s background is in bioethics, with a special interest in global bioethics, structural and gender justice. She has written on ethical issues related to surrogacy, sex-selection, biomedical research, social value in research governance, global health emergencies, and the concepts of exploitation and vulnerability in bioethics.

Ph.D. supervision interests
Dr. Ganguli-Mitra welcomes expressions of interest in all areas of medical ethics/bioethics, global health ethics and justice.

Current Research Interests

  • Global bioethics and justice in global health
  • Structural injustice, epistemic injustice, exploitation and vulnerability in bioethics
  • The ethics of global health emergencies
  • Surrogacy and gender justice
  • Social norms in bioethics
  • Sex-selection and gender justice
  • Conscientious objection in healthcare
  • Ethics and governance of biomedical research
  • Public health ethics
  • Bioethics and Law