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Diploma in Professional Legal Practice

Our Diploma is acknowledged by the profession as providing excellent, rigorous preparation for a legal career in Scotland. This recognition is reflected in exceptional employability prospects for our graduates, who go on to a wide range of professional roles within the law.

Students in a seminar

The Diploma teaching team have substantial experience as solicitors and advocates, meaning that you benefit from exceptionally practical teaching and learning based on real-world legal work.

Opportunities on the diploma include:

  • a unique chance to deliver a plea in mitigation before a Sheriff in Edinburgh Sheriff Court;
  • participation in a team presentation exercise, working collaboratively to research and present on a legal technology product or idea; and
  • hands-on experience through working with our Free Legal Advice Centre.

Though the programme can be challenging, with a high number of contact hours each week, at Edinburgh Law School you will be supported by a strong community, in a dedicated teaching space, providing you with a strong foundation upon which to make a smooth transition into practice. You will also begin to form connections and friendships which will provide an invaluable network when you join the profession.

After completing the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice most of our graduates go onto start their traineeship. The traineeship is the 2nd part of the Law Society of Scotland's Professional Education and Training (PEAT) programme.

The traineeship takes two years in which you will complete your workplace training under the supervision of a Scottish-qualified solicitor. During the traineeship you will be required to fulfil certain obligations to demonstrate that you are ready to qualify as a solicitor.

Visit the Law Society of Scotland's website to find out more about the traineeship

Graduate destinations

  • 95% of those available and who responded to the survey were working or studying 6 months after completing the programme.
  • Of those, 95% were in highly skilled employment or further study.
  • Of those working, 91% were in highly skilled employment.

The definition of highly skilled employment is any occupation within categories 1-3 of the Standard Occupational Classification, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The category headings are: 1. Managers, directors and senior officials; 2. Professional occupations; 3. Associate professionals and technical occupations. Further information on categories can be found on the ONS website.

Visit the ONS website

Further examples of University of Edinburgh Law School destinations can be found on the Careers Service website.

Visit the Careers Service website

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