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Gilchrist Prize

The Gilchrist Prize is awarded to the student with the best performance in the Honours course in International Law.

Gilchrist Prize
Year Prize winner
2021 Niamh Mackle and Mateusz Pelka
2020 Alexandra Lloyd
2019 Eliza Wynne
2018 Elizabeth Holehouse
2017 Rhona Louise Goodarzi
2016 Alec Baillie
2015 Hannah Furness
2014 Anna Klaskala
2013 Lindsay Cumming
2012 Adam Kosmalski and Eilidh Wood
2011 Mark Webster
2010 Stephen Bailey
2009 Stephen Bailey
2008 Graeme Stapleton
2007 Rosalind Cook
2006 Claire Kennedy
2005 Gregory Messenger
2004 Carita Thomas and Andrew Wilson
2003 Grant McKelvey and Greig Walker
2002 Elizabeth Smith and Graham Webster
2001 Roddy Gibb
2000 Chris D. Guirado
1999 Euan W. MacDonald