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Traces of Law Symposium

Fri 8 March 2019

Traces of Law

The #tracesoflaw workshop held in March 2019 was co-sponsored by ELRN and other University of Edinburgh and external sources. It brought together speakers from the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the US to discuss the use of archives and other material traces of law in social science research.Topics included social security, deaths in custody and a special session on using the archives of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

The two-day event reflected the ELRN commitment to supporting doctoral, early career and contract researchers, with several speakers falling into these categories, and with ECCR Laura Wise and Senior Lecturer Andy Aydin-Aitchison each playing an equal part in initiating, securing funding and co-hosting the event. Further, two speakers on the ICTY panel come from former Yugoslav republics, affected by the conflicts in the region.

The event attracted a lively audience of over 40, and gained a high profile on twitter, trending locally, generating 100s of tweets and twitter impressions numbering at least in the tens of thousands.

View a collection of tweets from the day

Traces of Law video

Traces of Law brought together UK and international academics at all career stages to discuss current research lines using or exploring archives and other material traces of law. This video explores some of the participants' work on archives and what they took away from the discussions.