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SFJP exhibition comes to Old College as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Thu 1 August 2019


From 2nd to 26th August, the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project will display the artworks from their exhibition 'Reimagining the Law from the Outside In' in the Quad Cafe at the Edinburgh Law School.

The project re-examines 16 legal judgments from a feminist perspective, exploring how the outcomes could have been different if looked at through a gender-sensitive lens. The exhibition, which includes poetry by Jay Whittaker in response to the provocation by ‘sexual infidelity’ case of Drury; illustrations by Rachel Donaldson; performance art created by Sofia Nakou and Becky O’Brien in response to the Jex-Blake case; photos of Sharon CowanChloë Kennedy, and Vanessa Munro of the University of Warwick taken by Jo Spiller; and textiles by Jill Kennedy-McNeill, is a creative response to the project.

The exhibition is free to enter, and comes ahead of the SFJP tour which will bring workshops to universities across Scotland during September and October.