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SFJP celebrates exhibition and book announcement at Mount Florida Gallery & Studios

Tue 30 April 2019

SFJP Mount Florida exhibition

From 24th – 28th April 2019, The Scottish Feminist Judgments Project (SFJP) held their final exhibition at the Mount Florida Gallery & Studios in Glasgow.

In addition to all the works displayed in previous exhibitions, the show also featured new work by Jill Kennedy-McNeill, Jess Orr, and Ali Burns. Orr’s short story, ‘A Woman’s Anatomy’, draws links between the dehumanising language that was used to describe Sophia Jex-Blake and the Edinburgh Seven and medical language of the time. Burns’ choral composition, ‘Absentia’, is written as a ‘mirrored’ piece using text taken from Jay Whittaker’s Scottish Feminist Judgments Project poem, ‘Not Here’. Kennedy-McNeill’s ‘Cailleach’ draws on Gaelic mythology surrounding the divine hag, a creator deity. 

SFJP Mount Florida

This recent show was the first time that all of the project’s artistic outputs had been on display and an exhibition closing party was held on 27th April. Among the attendees at the event was Lady Carmichael, Senator of the College of Justice

The event was also in celebration of the recent submission of the SFJP book manuscript to Hart publishing, which is now available to pre-order.