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Professor Nehal Bhuta invited to deliver Global Policy Institute Annual Lecture at Durham University

Thu 30 January 2020

Edinburgh Glasgow workshop

Professor Nehal Bhuta will give this year's Global Policy Institute Annual Lecture at Durham University, entitled 'Whither Cosmopolitanism? Reflections from Hugo Grotius'.

The lecture is dedicated in part to the memory of political theorist Professor David Held. Professor Held was concerned with the nature of the modern state, and the prospects for the transition from a society of states to a cosmopolitan society at a global scale, and in his talk Professor Bhuta will approach a debate about the nature and concept of the state, its functions, purposes and foundations indirectly, through an examination of the state theory of Hugo Grotius. Grotius was a profoundly influential figure in his own time (which understood him frequently as a theorist of absolutism) who was also re-received and re-consecrated in the 19th century as a founding father of international law and of a moderate cosmopolitanism that was interpreted as forerunner of a vision of modern human-centric cosmopolitanisms. 

Previous Annual Lecturers in this series at Durham University have included: Professor Dani Rodrik (Harvard), Professor Christopher Greenwood (former Judge of the International Court of Justice), and Pascal Lamy (former Director General of the WTO). The lecture will take place on 18 February 2020 and more information can be found here.