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Opinion piece by University of Edinburgh academics on home-based working published in The Times

Sun 4 April 2021

David Caberlli profile photo

David Cabrelli, Professor of Labour Law at Edinburgh Law School, has written a thoughtful opinion piece for The Times, mentioning research Lila Skountridaki of Edinburgh Business School. The article questions "If working from home is here to stay, we need to ask who will benefit most — employers or their staff?"

One year on from the start of the first Covid lockdown which saw many jobs become home-based, workplaces are beginning to reflect and look forward to how remote working can continue to be incorporated into a hybrid work schedule. With fewer people expected to be spending five days a week in offices, who will benefit from these long-term changes? Will employers monopolise the absorption of the associated savings and productivity gains, or will they be passed on to workers? 

Published on Wednesday 31 March 2021, the op-ed gives a considered analysis of home-based working (HBW) and whether this practice will continue post-lockdown. It also examines who will be likely to benefit from the costs savings and productivity gains arising from HBW.

In the Times article “Only firms benefit as staff absorb cost of home working”, David Cabrelli and Lila Skountridaki discuss this issue in detail, highlighting some of the financial, health and practicality benefits that working from home can have for both the employer and employee, including whether employers or employees will be best placed to benefit from any financial gains and cost savings of a remote workforce.

Read the full op-ed piece here.