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Navraj Ghaleigh leads on 'Just Transitions' at global climate talks

Wed 18 December 2019

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Navraj Singh Ghaleigh, Programme Director of the Global Environment and Climate Change LLM programme, presented his recent paper, Just Transitions for Workers: When Climate Change Met Labour Justice at the research panel of a major event at the Madrid climate talks COP 25, hosted by Climate Strategies and funded by the European Climate Foundation.

Entitled, “Just Transition: opportunity for more ambitious NDCs and better life of communities”, the event explored how the Just Transition concept(s) can be implemented in order to strengthen countries’ nationally determined contributuions (NDCs) while at the same time offering new development opportunities.

Discussions considered how to include Just Transitions into the NDCs of developing countries. They also explored the Just Transition experiences, lessons learned and what should be done to guide the governments in the preparation of their next NDC, and the sectoral impacts beyond the energy sector. The focus was specifically on non-Annex I countries.

Other participants included representations from the Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General, the International Labour Organization, International Trade Union Confederation, as well as ministerial representations from Latin America and Africa.