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J Kenyon Mason Institute Essay Competition winners announced - watch announcement

Wed 12 May 2021

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The Mason Institute is delighted to announce the winners and runners-up in both the undergraduate and postgraduate categories for its annual Essay Competition (2020-21 academic year). If you are interested in participating, please stay tuned for next academic year’s call, likely to be announced in September 2021.

The winners were announced by Dr Edward Dove, Lecturer in Health Law and Regulation at Edinburgh Law School, during the The J Kenyon Mason Institute Annual Lecture 2021.

Watch announcement


Undergraduate Winner

  • Katie Feltham: an essay on ABC v St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and whether there should be a legal right to be informed about a family member’s genetic disorder
    Announced: 2 mins 50 secs into above video

Undergraduate Runners-up

  • Heather McAdam: “How Psychiatry as a Profession is Represented in the Film ‘Girl, Interrupted’: An Analysis of the Role of Institutionalisation in Mental Illness”
    Announced: 3 mins 39 secs into above video
  • Maia Webb: “Is it time that the UK had a no-fault redress scheme for harm caused by medical products?”
    Announced: 3 mins 51 secs into above video

Postgraduate Winner

  • Emma Nance: “Answering the ‘Real Question’ of COVID-19 Challenge Trials: Are Researchers Authorised to Intentionally Expose Research Participants to A Dangerous Pathogen?”
    Announced: 4 mins 35 secs into above video

Postgraduate Runners-up

  • Matt Jordan: “In allocation of scarce, acute care resources, should priority be given to those predicted to have the highest quality of life upon recovery?”
    Announced: 5 mins 20 secs into above video
  • Eve Vandevelde: An essay on the scope of the right to reproductive autonomy in light of access to reproductive technologies
    Announced: 5 mins 44 secs into above video

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