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Edinburgh Law School lecturer gives guest lecture at Peking University

Thu 25 April 2019

Dr Ruiqiao Zhang

On 14th March 2019, Dr Ruiqiao Zhang, Lecturer in Corporate Finance, Corporate and Commercial Law, delivered a talk at Peking University Law School.

Dr Zhang was invited to PKU Law as a visiting scholar under the Jones Day Fellowship to present on her research. The talk was hosted by Professor Jin of PKU Law, and attended by both academics and practitioners. The audience comprised attendees from a range of areas, including professors and students at Peking University Law School and Guanghua School of Management Executive Education Centre, and CEOs of trust companies. 

Dr Zhang spoke on the topic of ‘The new role trusts play in modern financial markets: the evolution of trusts from family property guardian to entrepreneur’, redressing misunderstanding of the new role of trusts and removing some of the mystery around the trust by placing it within the broader historical context. The presentation also critically analysed the reasons for such evolution and attempted to answer the question of what makes a trust attractive for commercial uses, i.e. what the advantages are of a trust acting as a financial and investment mechanism compared with other instruments, such as companies.