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Edinburgh Law School Course Ranks in Top 10 LLM Programs for Health/Medical Law 2021

Sun 5 September 2021

Old College, Edinburgh

For a third consecutive year, Edinburgh Law School's LLM in Medical Law and Ethics has been ranked in the top 10 LLM Programs for Health/Medical Law according to the Master of Laws Programs Worldwide.

Edinburgh Law School's LLM in Medical Law and Ethics covers a broad range of subjects in medical law, jurisprudence and ethics. The Law School’s faculty publish a healthy amount of research in these fields as well.

For graduates of LL.M. programs in Health / Medical Law, career options are practically endless, due to the many legal needs of these very complex industries.

The healthcare field and related industries are huge: globally, at least two trillion dollars are spent each year on healthcare, according to some estimates. The sheer size of the field means that it’s governed by a complex set of laws, protecting patients, doctors, patents on medical devices, and more. The scope also means that LL.M. programs in Health Law and Medical Law can cover a huge array of topics, from contracts to bioethics.

And, perhaps fortunately for those with Health / Medical LL.M. programs, these laws seem to be constantly changing. In the US, for instance, court battles around the Affordable Care Act—'Obamacare'—mean that legal requirements and statutes are continuously in flux and require a specialised degree of knowledge to grapple with.

Grads who have LL.M.s in Health Law might go on to a variety of different careers, for healthcare providers, medical insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, and more.

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Why study medical law and ethics?

Individual and population health is of critical social concern and has been identified as a key ‘global challenge’ which implicates a wide range of actors and policy fields.

This programme is ideal for those who wish to develop skills that will prepare themselves for a career in medical law or ethics or in health-related policy or regulation, and who wish to add new advocacy skills to their professional portfolio. The programme attracts students from a variety of legal backgrounds, as well as students with prior education and training in health and public health-related fields, life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

The LLM in Medical Law and Ethics adopts an interdisciplinary approach to learning, drawing on academics within and beyond law and ethics.

Uniquely, students will have the opportunity to select their own topics for study, exploring together with fellow students and staff, issues that are at the cutting-edge of the broad field of medical law and ethics.

This not only broadens avenues of learning, but also opens students up to a much wider community of scholars and practitioners.

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Dr Edward Dove, Programme Director, provides an overview of the LLM in Medical Law and Ethics along with fellow academics Annie Sorbie, Gerard Porter and Emily Postan.