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Dr Veronica Ruiz participates in global legal education research project - final report presented at IBA conference

Tue 17 November 2020


IBA and LSGL research finds that globalisation and technology are key shapers of legal education.

The final report on the ambitious global legal education research project, Blueprint for Global Legal Education, which involved participation from Dr Veronica Ruiz of Edinburgh Law School - was presented at the IBA 2020 Virtually Together Conference.

The event took place on Tuesday 12 November during the 'IBA Showcase: reinventing global legal education to address the ongoing transformation of the legal professions: a blueprint for change'. A group of qualified experts representing law firms, in-house lawyers, national bars, organisations and regulators participated in the Showcase.

Research for the report was undertaken by the International Bar Association (IBA) and the Law Schools Global League (LSGL), with coordination by IE Law School. Dr Veronica Ruiz joined the project in 2019 as part of a research team composed of eight researchers and four supporters from seven regions around the world.

Fernando Peláez-Pier
There is a need for law faculties around the world to adjust their blueprints to include all the new skills that lawyers require to meet the demand for legal services in the 21st century and to practice law effectively and competitively. The findings of this report are particularly poignant in the context of COVID-19, which has highlighted the importance of technological adoption in the sector.
Fernando Peláez-Pier
Former president of the IBA

The Blueprint aims to understand how globalisation and technology impact legal education globally. This ambitious research project outlines a range of key challenges, ranked by importance and categorised by region, facing law schools globally together with existing and suggested responses that selected schools are already taking or could adopt.

The key goal of the report is to identify the key drivers that are shaping legal education at a global level, the responses that are emerging, and the extent to which those responses are or can address sufficiently the challenges and opportunities confronting legal professions all over the world.

Download a copy of the final report: Developing a Blueprint for Global Legal Education