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Dr Paul Behrens writes about the impact Brexit had on diplomatic relations following Jersey fisheries crisis

Tue 11 May 2021

Following the recent Jersey fisheries crisis and the deployment of patrol boats in the channel, Dr Paul Behrens has written an article for The New European which deals with the impact that Brexit had on diplomatic relations

Dr Paul Behrens' article 'How Brexit Dealt a Hammer Blow To Diplomatic Relations' was published in The New European on 10 May 2021.

The article examines changes to the international conduct of the United Kingdom in the wake of the Brexit referendum, including the unilateral decision to change British obligations under the Northern Ireland Protocol and the recent deployment of armed patrol vessels in the Jersey fisheries crisis.

It also looks at aspects of diplomatic relations which are no longer available to the UK after Brexit, such as the protection of its citizens by diplomats and consuls from EU member States, and reflects on initiatives taken by Scotland and Wales to fill the gaps left by the British departure from the European stage – in particular, through agreements which seek to soften the blow of the British withdrawal from the Erasmus programme.

Read the full article here.