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Dr McCall-Smith leads project on enhancing human rights for all through incorporation

Thu 9 January 2020


Following the award of an ESRC/CAHSS Impact Acceleration Grant last summer, Dr Kasey McCall-Smith has been leading the project ‘Incorporating Human Rights in Scotland’. Supported by two LLM in Human Rights graduates, Veronica Luhtanen and Sofie Quist, the project aims to develop and deliver training on incorporation to Scottish civil society organisations across the range of human rights implementation and advocacy sectors. Working in conjunction with three local civil society organisations, Human Rights Consortium Scotland, Amnesty Scotland and Together, the initial scoping workshop was held in November 2019. The efforts to strengthen understandings of incorporation stems from the creation of the Scottish Government’s Human Rights Task Force, which was established in the summer of 2019 to explore the development of new legislation to enhance human rights for all in Scotland.

Between the workshop and the first substantial training event taking place on 27 February 2020 the project partners will be developing and refining training materials on human rights incorporation. The substance of the training draws from work initially published by Dr McCall-Smith on incorporation of the UNCRC and builds upon ongoing research in order to use both UK and international examples about how human rights incorporation impacts everyday lives. You can read more about the project and watch a video about the scoping workshop on the project website. A recent blog also gives further information on the scoping workshop.

In addition to this project, Dr McCall-Smith was appointed to the Academic Advisory Panel that will be advising the Human Rights Task Force. In the coming months she and the other members of the Panel will be developing a series of papers to assist the Task Force in moving forward with new legislation. She also continues to serve on the Children and Young People’s Commissioner for Scotland/Together UNCRC Incorporation Expert Advisory Group, which has been working toward incorporation of the UNCRC since November 2018. Notably, this group recently celebrated the Scottish Government’s commitment to full and direct incorporation of the UNCRC by the end of this legislative term. You can read more about the work of the Expert Group here.