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Dr Kasey McCall-Smith speaks at Devolution in the UK and International Law

Mon 13 September 2021

Dr Kasey McCall-Smith

In and amidst all of the discussions the demarcation between reserved and devolved competence in respect of human rights incorporation taking place across the UK, Dr Kasey McCall-Smith was invited to speak at Devolution in the UK and International Law, a virtual event organised by the University of Durham and Queen’s University Belfast on 13-15 September.

Dr McCall-Smith spoke on the first day of the three-day event about ‘Incorporation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Scotland’ and how further entrenchment of the UNCRC in Scotland through full and direct incorporation has triggered a power struggle between the UK and Scottish governments leading to a judicial review of different aspects of the Incorporation Bill. Her presentation built on her experience as member of the Children and Young People’s Commissioner for Scotland Expert Advisory Group on UNCRC Incorporation.

An extensive examination of the issues presented can be found in her two recent publications, ‘Incorporating the CRC in Scotland’ and ‘Entrenching Children’s Participation through UNCRC Incorporation in Scotland’.