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Dr Edward Dove presents at international conferences with work on NHS research ethics committees, GDPR

Tue 8 October 2019

Dr Ted Dove profile picture

On 27th September, Dr Edward Dove, Lecturer in Health Law and Regulation at the Edinburgh Law School, presented at the biannual European Association of Health Law (EAHL) conference in Toulouse, France. Dr Dove's presentation discussed his empirical research regarding NHS research ethics committees, which is due to be published in his forthcoming book 'Regulatory Stewardship of Health Research' published by Edward Elgar in February 2020. The book will be available open access thanks to funding support from the Wellcome Trust.

On 30th September, Dr Dove presented at a UK-France Gene Workshop held at the University of Oxford's Big Data Institute. The workshop was part of the UK-FR GENE (Genomics and Ethics Network), which provides a platform where British and French researchers and other stakeholders in the field can reflect on ethical and social questions of genomic technologies and their clinical application that emerge in each national context. Its aim is to identify pressing ethical issues in each country and understand their socio-cultural and normative underpinnings. Dr Dove delivered a presentation on the impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on international genomic research collaboration.