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Dr Edward Dove gives Keynote on Emerging Challenges for University RECs in the Era of AI and Data Science Research

Fri 14 May 2021

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On Wednesday 12 May 2021, Dr Edward Dove of Edinburgh Law School gave a keynote presentation at a workshop entitled, “Looking Before we Leap: Ethical Review Processes for AI and Data Science Research”, co-convened by the Ada Turing Institute, University of Exeter IDSAI, and the Alan Turing Institute.

In his keynote, Dr Edward Dove highlighted the challenges in which University Research Ethics Committees are now coming up against in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Research.

The workshop explored the question: “How can universities and corporate labs mitigate the risks posed by AI and data science research?”

The Ada Lovelace Institute, the University of Exeter Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and the Alan Turing Institute co-convened around 50 experts from academia and industry to explore cutting edge practical frameworks, data ethics review processes, and research governance models that can be implemented to address the unique ethical risks that are emerging in association with data science and AI research.

Building from shared experiences, challenges, and insights on today’s best practices, the workshop aimed contribute to the wider adoption of state of the art institutional review procedures for AI research labs and university departments across the UK and EU.

Dr Edward Dove is Lecturer in Health Law and Regulation at Edinburgh Law School. His primary research interests are in the areas of data protection law, research ethics governance, and health research regulation.

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