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Current Issues in Medical Law & Ethics Postgraduate Webinar Series Commences

Mon 16 November 2020

Covid 19

The Mason Institute in conjunction with the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy (CSEP) at the University of Manchester, and the Centre for Health, Law and Society (CHLS) at the University of Bristol, began a webinar series examining 'Current Issues in Medical Law and Ethics' mainly aimed at postgraduate (LLM/PhD) students.

The online event took place on Wednesday 11 November and was the first in a three-part series, each hosted by the respective University groups.

Manchester led Wednesday's preliminary webinar on the topic of 'Covid-19 and Vaccines', which was highly topical given recent news announcements. Professor Søren Holm presented his paper entitled: ‘Should we infect health volunteers with SARS-CoV-2 in “challenge studies” in order to speed up vaccine development?’. Responses were provided by a representative from the postgraduate student cohorts, with Dr Katriona Brooksbank, one of our online Medical Law and Ethics LLM student, giving the response on behalf of Edinburgh Law School.

Organisers found the event to be a resounding success with over 150 attendees, many of whom were postgraduate students of the Edinburgh Law School.

Current Issues in Medical Law & Ethics Postgraduate Webinar Series: Event 1

The next seminar is due to take place on 17 February 2021, followed by the final in the series on 24 March 2021. These are open to postgraduate (LLM/PhD) students, staff and researchers at the Universities of Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh.

If you are interested in attending, please keep an eye on our events page for registration going live.