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Alumni profile - Philippa Greer

Sat 1 June 2019

Old College dome with the Golden Boy holding the torch of knowledge

Philippa Greer, LLB, 2011 & DipPLP, 2012

Tell us about your time at the University

I owe a great deal to the University of Edinburgh. It provided me with a rigorous and stimulating education, as rewarding as it was demanding. It gave me the skills and just as crucially the confidence to take my career in interesting directions and it exposed me to ideas that challenged me and opened my mind. I will be eternally grateful to the University and in particular to the School of Law for giving me that opportunity.

Tell us about your experiences since leaving the University

Since leaving the University of Edinburgh, I have pursued volunteer work in Sri Lanka and work in Georgia, Alabama and New York working on Death Penalty defence and access to justice issues. I have also worked in the legal profession in Scotland.

I completed an LLM at Harvard Law School and was fortunate to have been awarded a Kennedy Memorial Trust Award and I am extremely proud to represent the Scottish legal profession in this respect.

At Harvard University, I was admitted to the Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic: a remarkable institution that has provided me with firsthand experience under the close supervision of the clinic's expert human rights practitioners, and in collaboration with leading international and local human rights organizations.

I am an Editor and member of the Article Selection Board for both the Harvard Civil Rights Civil Liberties Law Review and the Harvard Human Rights Journal. In addition, I am a member of the Harvard Law School Moot Court Board and I have been working directly with two Professors at Harvard University, providing research assistance in Equality law and American Legal History.

In this respect, I have been extremely fortunate to obtain direct exposure to Faculty whose views continue to challenge the boundaries of their respective areas of the law. In working with academics of the highest calibre, I have been fortunate to meet leaders in the field whose thinking has truly influenced my own.

At the University of Edinburgh graduation ceremony in 2011 the incredible Olivia Giles gave a truly inspiring speech to the graduating students. She told us to make sure that we follow our dreams and that we never lose sight of them. I can safely say that my time at the University of Edinburgh has led me to pursue an enriching career and I will be forever thankful to the School of Law.

Alumni wisdom

Never be dissuaded by routes that appear to be too difficult or too challenging to undertake. Accepting new challenges can lead to exciting career paths and to the discovery of unexplored passions.

As students from the University of Edinburgh, there is no question that you will be presented with many excellent career opportunities. However, to echo the words of Olivia Giles, remember to take note of your own personal ambitions and seek to pursue them, even if they may appear to be unobtainable at first glance.

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