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Why Should We Want Research Participants to Sign a Consent Form? - Ben Sachs

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Virtual Event


Tue 1 December 2020

Mason Institute Lunchtime Seminar

Why Should We Want Research Participants to Sign a Consent Form?

Dr Ben Sachs, University of St Andrews


About the seminar
Ethics journals are bursting at the seams with articles analysing how we should structure the procedure whereby people are invited to, and then do, register their consent to serve as medical research subjects. But we cannot know how to structure that procedure until we answer the question what moral transformation we should want it to effect. Here, I argue that we should want nothing more than for the procedure to confer a moral privilege on the researcher. Building off that claim I arrive at my thesis, which is that we shouldn’t want the consent procedure to involve the participant signing a consent form. Instead, I suggest a new procedure whereby the participant provides, if willing, her separate, unwritten consent to each research intervention in the immediate moment before it happens.

Please note that this seminar will be hosted on Blackboard Collaborate. Instructions for joining the seminar will be sent to you after registration. We do hope that you will be able to join us.





Image Credit: Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

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