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The Henry Goudy Seminar - Acquiring Ownership: Accessio, Specificatio and Treasure Trove

Henry Goudy Seminar


Virtual Event
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Tue 24 November 2020

The Henry Goudy Seminar 

"Acquiring Ownership: Accessio, Specificatio and Treasure Trove"

Readings: Inst.Gai. 2.73-79, Inst. 2.1.39.
The Henry Goudy Seminar is a Roman law reading group that meets twice per semester to discuss law and life in the ancient world. The group is convened by Jonathan Ainslie. In this semester we will be meeting online. All students and staff with an interest in legal history and the history of the ancient world are warmly invited to take part. We particularly welcome undergraduates to attend, whether or not they formally study Roman law. 

This meeting will discuss some of the ways that a Roman could acquire property originally - that is, where has not been a prior owner. What happens when two things belonging to different owners become inseparably attached? How about when a new thing - a nova species - is created from materials belonging to multiple people? Or when someone discovers treasure on land belonging to another person?


Those wishing to obtain a copy of the readings in advance should email Jonathan Ainslie 

Image Credit: Photo by Ulvi Safari on Unsplash

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