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Empirical Legal Research Colloquium

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Moot Court Room
Edinburgh Law School
Old College
South Bridge


Mon 11 November 2019

Colloquium Overview:
The University of Edinburgh’s Empirical Legal Research Network (ELRN) serves as a nexus for those interested in empirical research and the study of law in society. The ELRN holds events at the University of Edinburgh throughout the academic year.

An ‘Empirical Legal Research Network Colloquium’ will take place on Monday 11th November from 4-6:30pm in the Moot Court Room in Old College. Several speakers will share their recent experience with empirical legal research, including lessons learned, how to navigate ethics approvals, and reflections on various empirical methods used.

Speakers include:
1. Konstantinos Gaitis (“How is human trafficking regulated in the UK? A critical assessment of the UK’s response to trafficking based on victims’ narratives, professionals’ perspectives and policy documents analysis”)
2. Fernando Pantoja Nunez (“Who am I? The struggles to define myself in a world of academic labels”)
3. Luis Reyes ("A mixed-methods approach to the study of public confidence in policing at the neighbourhood level in Monterrey, Mexico")
4. Sharon Cowan ("The best place in the world to be trans? Transgender equality and legal consciousness in Scotland”) 

Everyone (staff and students) is invited to attend the Festival. Registration is free.

For more information about this event and the ELRN please contact Ted Dove:

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