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CJS Seminar: The Pandora Papers - Leopoldo Parada

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Virtual Event


Tue 19 October 2021

In association with LLM and MSc programmes at the Schools of Law of the Universities of Leeds and Edinburgh, the Crime, Justice and Society seminar series are happy to announce an additional session.

The Pandora Papers

Dr Leopoldo Parada, University of Leeds, School of Law


Dr Parada will discuss his role in the investigation and analysis of a set of documents relating to the movement of property and money, particularly through offshore companies.

The Pandora Papers follow the earlier release of the Panama and Paradise papers. While there are some points at which the most recent release of papers reveal, or suggest, connections with criminal activity, they more often relate to legal ways of transferring assets to avoid taxation or to obscure ownership. The session will allow students to discuss issues arising from this in relation to their own disciplinary backgrounds – legal, criminological and beyond.


Although open to the public, the session has been planned first and foremost for students on LLM and MSc programmes - Registration is required (link below)


Students should gain a basic familiarity with the investigations by accessing the following sites:


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