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Current research students

We currently have around 100 PhD students studying with us with topics covering an extensive range of legal and criminological subjects.

Student studying in the library

You can view our current research students' PhD topics by visiting their University of Edinburgh profile pages.


Kane Abry-Diaw De Baye  'Principe de consensualisme and causa: A Historical Comparative Approach in the Civil Law and Common Law of Obligations'

Desmond Agyekumhene  'Is online music streaming akin to radio, digital download or a derived hybrid? An evaluation of musicians' rights in a changing digital music consumption landscape'

Jonathan Samuel Ainslie  'Economic Fragmentation in the Legal Sources of the Roman Empire, 165 to 312 CE'

Jackson Allen  'On the compatability of reverse onus clauses and the presumption of innocence in English criminal Law'

Mohsin Al-Marri  'A Thesis on Investigation in Market Abuse in Qatar Financial Markets involving Kuwait'


Colin Bathgate 'Exclusionary Rights in Scots Law'

Megan Bastick  'Military responses to sexual violence in conflict'

Jack Beattie  'Expert paediatric evidence in alleged infant harm: the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?'

Himani Bhakuni  'Clinical Trials, Consent, and Context: The Indian Experience'

Vivek Bhatt  'How has the war on terrorism impacted upon individuals¿ position within the international legal order'

Francisco Blancarte Jaber  'Toward a Multidimensional Study of Addiction'

Louise Brangan  'Comparative Penality in Ireland and Scotland'

Thomas Broderick  'Examining the need for legal regulation of data-driven and digital journalism'

Alberto Brown  'Wrongful competition: A comparative study.'


Qiang Cai  'International Tax Arbitration (ITA) : obstacles and proposals'

Kenneth Campbell  'The role of the Scottish 'settlement' in the emergence of constitutional laws and Britain's 'unwritten' constitution.'

Mat Campbell  'Three Systems in Search of Answers: Comparative Perspectives on Unjustified Enrichment'

Peter Candy  'Rome's Economic and Legal Transformation: The Development of Roman Maritime Law during the Late Republic'

Israel Cedillo Lazcano  'Legislative Challenges Relating to the Evolution of Money'

Martina CernaLiability for Failures in Blockchain Transaction under Private Law: Comparative Analysis’

P-Yuan Chang  'Intentionally Inflicted Mental Harm'

Jing-Han Chen  'The Stateless in Taiwan: The Problem of Producing Stateless People under the Immigration Act and Nationality Act of Taiwan'

Jiahong Chen  'Personal Data Protection in the Age of Big Data: Legal Challenges and Responses'

Shunyu Chi  'An Evaluation of the Transplantation of Takeover Rules from U.K. and U.S. from the Prospective of China'

Pedro Cisterna Gaete Environmental justice and urban adaptation to climate change: the case of slum communities

Matthew Cleary Canon-Common Law Jurisdictional Relations; Royal Authority, Sanctuary and Conservative Clergymen, 1485-1540

Darin Clearwater  'Taming Technology: An examination of the scope of the crime of aggression, with a specific focus on inter-State cyber attacks'

Leonardo Andres Cofre Perez  'The structure of participatory democracy for local governance in unitary states: the case of Chile'

Ben Collier  'Integrated Circuits: A Critical Development of Space and Agency in Criminological Theory of Cybercrime from Actor-Network Theory and Cyborg Theory Perspectives'

Chiara Cooper  'Informed by the theoretical frameworks of hegemonic masculinity and heterosexual scripts, how do fraternity brothers in the United States negotiate sexual consent...'

Neophytos Christodoulides The Concept of  ius possidendi in German Pandectism


Ylli Dautaj  'Sovereign Immunity and Execution of International Arbitral Awards in the 21st Century'

Laurence Diver  Artificial Intelligence and compliance by design


Tahir Erdogan  Penalty Clauses in Civil Law and Common Law: A Comparative Analysis with Special reference to harmonisation


Chrystala Fakonti  'Legalisation of assisted suicide or a deference of mercy killing: the way forward'

Juan Pablo (JP) Fassnidge  'Moral Scepticism and Criminal Law: a Theory of Criminalisation'

Gulay Firatli  'The rights and obligations of coastal States in undelimited/contested maritime areas.'

Charles Fletcher  'The Regality and Barony Court of Grant: Justice and Society in Strathspey circa. 1690-1730.'


James Gacek  'Fear(ed) Agents and the Prison/Urban Core: Reimagining Relationships between Space, Criminality, and the Carceral Continuum'

Konstantinos Kosmas Gaitis  'How is human trafficking regulated in the UK? A critical assessment of the UK's response to trafficking based on victims' narratives and professionals' perspectives'

Alvaro Garcia Martinez  'Provisional measures in cross border commercial disputes: a comparative analysis of the arbitration and litigation legal regimes'

Lamprini Georgiou  'The impact of blockchain technology and machine contracting on investor protection and bank integrity laws.'

Pascal Kurt Gotthardt  'Climate change and the World Trade Organization'

Josephine Greenbrook  'The Embodiment and Intrusion of Law in Everyday Medical Practice: Physicians' Legal Consciousness in Assessments and Decision-Making in Healthcare Encounters Involving Undocumented Migrants'

Pablo Grez Hidalgo  'Distribution of Powers Between the Executive and the Parliament in Lawmaking: The case of Chile'

Josep-Maria Guerra  'Self-improving ArtificiaI Intelligence: from legal theory to insurance solutions'

Arantxa Gutiérrez Raymondova  'The taxonomy of non-pecuniary losses. A comparative study of English law and French law'


Zahra Haji Jaffer  'Public interest : a diluted justification?'

Emily Hancox  'The Inter-Relationship between Overlapping Norms in EU Law'

Shane Horgan  'Cybercrime and Everyday Life: An exploration of public sensibilities towards the digital dimensions of crime and disorder'

Sheng-Feng Huang  'Military Occupation, Decolonization, Self-Determination and Statehood of Taiwan'


Maria Ithurria  'Historical - dogmatic study of the responsibility for redhibitory vices.'


Anindita Jaiswal  'Female Directors on Board- The Roadmap for India'

Matthew Jewell  'Dissent in the smart city: Contesting cyber-physical architectures'

Christian Paul Jones  'Fundamental political freedoms, privacy, free speech and election regulation: The legal challenges of political marketing in the modern era'

Dawoon Jung  'The 1982 Law of the Sea Convention and Offshore Renewable Energy Activities'


Ahmedul Kabir Police Reform in Democracies: Readiness for Safeguarding Human Rights

Martin Kelly  'The literal rule of statutory interpretation'

Lynn Kennedy  'Medical Futility and Experimental Treatment'

Alice Krzanich  'Female servants in early 19th century Scotland: legal principles of the master-servant relationship as they applied to women in the period 1800-1850'


Richard Latta  'The relationship between International Law and Municipal Legal Systems : a positivistic account'

Pablo Letelier  'The link between the parties to enrichment claims in English and French law'

Wenlong Li  'Privacy, Data Protection and Big Data: A comparative study of data privacy protection in the big data practices between EU and China'


Lorna MacFarlane  'Exceptions to the privity doctrine in Scots contract law'

Justin Damian Macinante  'Governance and regulation - the institutions and means of implementation for global networking of emissions trading schemes and carbon pricing mechanisms for greenhouse gas mitigation in the post-Paris Agreement environment.'

Daniela Mardones Bravo  'The Elderly Population within the prison system in Chile: Characteristics and Challenges.'

Ismael Martinez Torres  'A New Semantics for the Concept of Law: Making Sense of Theoretical Disagreement from a Positivist Standpoint'

Clare McDairmant  'In the Workplace in Great Britain : Do the religious exceptions contained in schedule 9 to the Equality Act 2010 go far enough, are they too wide or should they not exist at all?'

Andreea Mihut ‘Stealing Stories’?: Investigating Language, Narrative, and Power in the Contemporary Scottish Criminal Courts

Lucas Miotto Lopes  'Is Coerciveness an Essential Property of Law?'

Sean Molloy  'The Business of Peace: Exploring the relationship between business, socioeconomic rights, and Transitional Justice?'

Omar Mostafa  'A Comparative Legal Analysis between the UK and Islamic Finance on Legal Issues Arising from the Dual Compatibility of Securitisation: The Bankruptcy Remoteness of Special Purpose Vehicles and the Enforcement of Investors Claims following Default.'

Ruby Moynihan  'The contribution of the UNECE Water Regime to environmental protection and equity in international water law'

Ke Mu An Examination of Evidence Gathering in English Commercial Arbitration and Lessons for China

Hashim Mude  'Critical reporting or fanning the flames of intolerance? The media's coverage and framing of the 'refugee crisis' in Europe: A comparative study of the reporting in Germany, Greece and Hungary.'


Sofia Nakou  'Developing the understanding and practice of human rights law in refugee camps through the creation of a sustainable theatre community'

Jesus Manuel Niebla Zatarain  'Copyright on the Internet: Achieving Security Through Electronic Devices, An Artificial Intelligence Approach'


Kyle Leif Oakes  'Explaining post-human era warfare in the legal nomrs of human era warfare'

Nicolas Ojeda Zavala  'Crossroads: how can the Precautionary Principle improve the consultation process and the protection of the rights of the indigenous people'

Felipe Oliveira de Sousa  'Reason-Giving as a Form of Recognition: a study on the moral nature of practical decision-making'

Aziz Ozturk Application of the Business Judgement Rule: From US Law, Throughout European Jurisdictions, to Turkish Law


Luis Fernando Pantoja Nunez  'Relationship between inequality and antisocial behaviour in schools in Mexico'

Jergus Pella The Question of the Adequacy of the Temporal Framework of the Right to Self-Defence in Relation to Cyber Attacks

Dionysios Pelekis  'The EU Commission's new approach to fiscal State aid: Issues of law and policy, a comparative analysis'

Zoe Picton-Howell  'What Does the Law Bring to Difficult Medical Decision Making on Behalf of Children with Complex Health Problems and Disability?'

Andre Prado Fernandes  'MARICAS SUDACAS1 AND THE PROMISE OF HUMAN RIGHTS: can we not want them?'


Loqman Radpey  'The Kurdish Statehood in the Middle East and its Status in International Law'

Joaquin Alonso Reyes Barros  'Procedural fairness and Aquinas: theory of justice: Giving the Devil the Benefit of the Law'

Luis Alberto Reyes Figueroa  'Collective efficacy and crime in Nuevo Leon: the role of neighbourhood perceptions of the police'

Thomas Rigg  'Director Primacy in the face of the enlightened shareholder value: The effect of a nuclear board on corporate governance and the theory of the firm'

Valentina Rioseco Vallejos  'Human Rights Law in Chilean domestic courts: Situating Migration and Refugee Issues.'

Daniela Rodríguez Gutiérrez  'Penal transformations: The case of the Chilean youth justice system'

Michael Russ  'Is it conceptually desirable and practically feasible to regulate social media and user-generated information providers?'

Deborah Russo Segregation in Scottish Prisons in Comparative Context

Federico Russo  'The Enforcer of Trusts'


Alison Seaman Does the United Kingdom, comprising as it does of the three jurisdictions of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, need a specialised human rights court in order to afford effective protection of human rights, in particular the fundamental right to life, freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment, and the right to liberty?

Nidhi Sahay Children of a Lesser God: Protecting the best interests of children on the move by building a bridge between international refugee law and international law on the rights of the child

Constanza Salgado  'Private property and its public dimension.'

Xinxiang Shi  'Diplomatic Immunities Ratione Materiae under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations: Towards a Coherent Interpretation'

Aiste Slezeviciute  'Access to Documents in Competition Cases - An International Perspective'

Rebecca Smyth  'Abortion and Human Rights Law: A comparative study of Ireland and El Salvador'

Francesca Soliman  'Migration, illegality, and social harm: an Italian case study.'

Ke Song  'The future of the compulsory procedures under UNCLOS : Understanding its preconditions, limitations and exceptions'

Annie Sorbie  'Are the public interested? : A study of the impact of the concept of the public interest in health sector regulation on public engagement exercises in health research regulation'

Pakatida Suwonnawong Regulatory Effectiveness: The Analysis of National Legal Frameworks on Maritime Safety and Marine Pollution in Thailand

Andrew Sweeney  'The landlord's hypothec in Scots law'


Zhaoye Tan  'The Role of Consequentialist Arguments in Legal Decision-making'

Richard Tepper  'The relevant market in the access-based economy'

Kate Tobin  'Facts, lies and evidence: a crisis in decision-making across the public and voluntary sectors'

Dagmar Topf Aguiar De Medeiros  'Constitutionalisation of international law in order to achieve effective and legitimate global governance of the environment'


Mihail Vatsov  'Making international fisheries conservation law: What role for the EU?'

Giorgos Demetris Vrakas  'A norms based copyright systems in the realm of music'


Shona Warwick  'The Lease and the Licence in Scots law: A historical-doctrinal analysis'

Griff Williams  'Tripartite Communication under the Community Payback Order'

Qingxiang Wu  'The analysis of establishing a comprehensive and uniform legal system regarding the enforcement of the arbitral awards in antitrust disputes.'


Zhizhen Yu Legal Technologies to control AI and Cognitive Biases


Xiaoou Zheng  'The protection of indigenous peoples and local communities' rights: integrating human rights into the international framework of access and benefit-sharing'

Yawen Zheng  'China's approaches to construct balanced investment treatment rules and responding strategies in investment arbitration'


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