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Current research students

We currently have around 100 PhD students studying with us with topics covering an extensive range of legal and criminological subjects.

Student studying in the library

You can view our current research students' PhD topics by visiting their University of Edinburgh profile pages.


Desmond Agyekumhene  'Is online music streaming akin to radio, digital download or a derived hybrid? An evaluation of musicians' rights in a changing digital music consumption landscape'

Aina Arif 'Substantive Equality in Malaysia and the United Kingdom: A Comparative Analysis of The Legal Framework of Sex Discrimination in Employment'

Emily Asgari 'An Examination of Deepfakes’ Impact on Truth Through a Legal Comparative and Historical Study of Visual Media Manipulation'

Ayça Atabey  'Fairness, vulnerability and AI-driven technologies'


Grayson Bartels Exploring harms - transition, autonomy, and recovery in life after prison

Colin Bathgate 'Exclusionary Rights in Scots Law'

Lilli Wolland Blomberg 'Norwegian Nurses in the Service of the Third Reich: A Criminological Study of Atrocity Perpetration and Claims to Victimhood'

Thomas Broderick  'Examining the need for legal regulation of data-driven and digital journalism'


Sara Canduzzi 'Legitimacy without legality: towards a theory of global and supranational authorities'

Pablo Carvacho 'Penitentiary system evolving logics in Chile’

Zekun Chang (Eric) '(Working title) Hedge fund activism in corporate governance reality'

Pedro Cisterna Gaete Environmental justice and urban adaptation to climate change: the case of slum communities


Chioma Dibia 'Racism and the Reform of Mental Health Laws in England and Wales'

Mihail Dishev 'The patentability of CRISPR-Cas9-mediated gene editing in human embryos: Time to “edit” the European patent law landscape?'

Rania Amalia Djojosugito 'Crash of the Satellite: An analysis of the regulation of atmospheric re-entry of spacecrafts/space debris in Outer Space Law'


Tahir Erdogan  Penalty Clauses in Civil Law and Common Law: A Comparative Analysis with Special reference to harmonisation


Mirjana Gavrilović Nilsson  'From State Ideology to Individual Criminal Action: Testimony and Evidence from the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda'

Lamprini Georgiou  'The impact of blockchain technology and machine contracting on investor protection and bank integrity laws.'

Claudia González-Márquez ‘Neurohacking and the Law: Examining the Adequacy of Legal Frameworks in Safeguarding the Neurocognitive Domain from Interference with Implantable Neurotechnologies’


Zahra Haji Jaffer  'Public interest : a diluted justification?'

Holly Hayes 'Dignity in Human Rights Law: The Ultimate Essentially Contested concept'

Robert Holland 'Intersections of Security: Rhythms of Security and Governance in a Major City Transport Hub'

Yi-Chen Huang 'Contested Pathways to Citizenship: A Comparison of Taiwan’s Investor Residence Scheme and the UK BNO Visa Scheme for Hong Kongers'

Cara Hunter 'The dynamics of penal change in Scotland since 1990'


Fransiska Ari Indrawati 'Legal Aspect of Central Bank Digital Currency (Indonesia and other Relevant Countries)'


Kholyn Ruran Jonathan 'Federal and state relationship under Malaysia Agreement 1963 : A case study of Putrajaya & Sarawak'

Christian Paul Jones  'Fundamental political freedoms, privacy, free speech and election regulation: The legal challenges of political marketing in the modern era'


Ahmedul Kabir Police Reform in Democracies: Readiness for Safeguarding Human Rights

Lynn Kennedy  'Medical Futility and Experimental Treatment'

Yong Jin Kim 'Rebuilding the Legal Framework for Co-operative Businesses'

Gokce Kolukisa 'Genome Editing in International Law'

Leo Kritikos 'Carving out space for queer* subjectivities beyond the fear/safety binary'


Dongjoon Lee 'Challenges to the Non-Discrimination Principle in Digital Trade'

Fangyi Li 'Post-Conflict Justice, International Law, and Regional Particularism in Southeast Asia: An Analysis Focused on Victims’ Right to Justice'

Ruiting Liu ‘Protecting and Promoting Media Pluralism in the Online Environment: An assessment of European Union policies and regulatory responses to enhance pluralism of professionally-generated content on online platforms’

Xinyu Lyu 'Competition Law and the Platform Economy:Could Business Users be "Consumers" Under the Consumer Welfare Standard?'


Jorge Martínez Rivera The Legal Transplant of Anglo American Whistleblowing to Civil Law Countries: The Case of Chile

Clare McDairmant  'In the Workplace in Great Britain : Do the religious exceptions contained in schedule 9 to the Equality Act 2010 go far enough, are they too wide or should they not exist at all?'

Andreea Mihut ‘Stealing Stories’?: Investigating Language, Narrative, and Power in the Contemporary Scottish Criminal Courts

Bethan Morgan 'Examining the Use and Impact of Progress Reviews which Operate Externally to Specific Problem-Solving Courts in Scotland'


Sofia Nakou  'Developing the understanding and practice of human rights law in refugee camps through the creation of a sustainable theatre community'

Alex Nevins 'Asexuality and Law: Rights, Recognition and Justice'

Shingo Nishioka 'Strengthening Accountability for Improved Human Rights Compliance: A Case Study of Human Rights in Japanese Immigration Detention'


Kyle Leif Oakes  'Explaining post-human era warfare in the legal nomrs of human era warfare'

Aziz Ozturk Application of the Business Judgement Rule: From US Law, Throughout European Jurisdictions, to Turkish Law


Pravar Petkar 'Transcending British Parliamentary Sovereignty: Constituent Power, Referendums and Normative Political Realism'

Matilde Masetti Placci 'Newly tinted glasses? Revisiting international law's unity (and fragmentation) through the theories of Georg Jellinek, Maurice Hauriou and Santi'


Mochammad Noer Alim Qalby 'The Role of Indonesian Competition Law in Digital Markets'


Ruby Reed-Berendt 'On power and empowerment: an intersectional analysis of mental capacity law in England and Wales'

Rebecca Richards 'Global Health Emergencies, the shortage of healthcare professionals in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, and global justice: analysing the duties of high-income countries'

Valentina Rioseco Vallejos  'Human Rights Law in Chilean domestic courts: Situating Migration and Refugee Issues.'


Alison Seaman Does the United Kingdom, comprising as it does of the three jurisdictions of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, need a specialised human rights court in order to afford effective protection of human rights, in particular the fundamental right to life, freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment, and the right to liberty?

Nidhi Sahay Children of a Lesser God: Protecting the best interests of children on the move by building a bridge between international refugee law and international law on the rights of the child

Nadia Isabel Silhi Chahin

Bhavinee Singh 'Fiscal Federalism in India'

Sukru Kagan Surucu 'Involvement of UNHCR in Offshore Asylum Processing'

Kongsatja Suwanapech 'The Legacies of the Codification of Thai Criminal Law: A study of History and Transculturalisation of the Penal Code of Siam'


Kim Taehyeon 'A Propitious Time for Establishing the Asian Court of Human Rights: Feasibility Analysis of Institutionalising Regional Human Rights Mechanism Within ASEAN Plus Three'

Ammar Tanhan 'Investing in Investment Claims: A Critical Analysis of Third-Party Funding in Context of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement System'

Tsampika Taralli 'Justification and Explanation in Theories of Law'

Hilda Tizeba 'Autonomy, Paternalism and the Regulation of Mental Healthcare in Low-Resource Settings: Examining the Case of Tanzania'

Maéva Thibeault 'Living Histories of Transformative Justice: A Collaborative Exploration of Community Responses to Sexual Violence'

Lucy Tomkins 'Rights based approaches in International Ocean Governance'


Maria Diaz Vidal


Jin Wang 'Third-Party Funding in International Commercial Arbitration - From the Perspective of Access to Justice'


Chloe Young 'Understanding the Environment of the Night Time Economy: Women’s Experiences of Night Time Spaces'


Gaia Zanotti 'What legal standards concerning access to employment and fair labour standards are available to applicants and beneficiaries of international protection in Europe and what is the current level of compliance across European states?'

Yunchong Zhou 'Comparison of Merger Control between China and European Union - Using Internet Firms as Examples'


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