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Protection in the Law of Expulsion and Aid in Scotland

The Protection in the Law of Expulsion and Aid in Scotland (PLEAS) project aims to map out the provisions of UK and Scots law that could trigger the expulsion of non-British nationals from the country.

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The PLEAS project builds on research by Dr Leandro Mancano on the expulsion of non-British nationals from the UK due to criminal convictions, which found that the latter category (be they EU or non-EU citizens) can be expelled from the UK for having committed criminal offences, or for non-compliance with UK immigration law. This 'law of expulsion' consists of 'hard law' and policy, and materialises partly in the interplay between competences in the UK constitutional framework. While immigration is reserved (decisions on expulsion are made by the UK Government through the Home Office), criminal law (one of the reasons possibly underpinning expulsion) is devolved.

Building on these findings, the PLEAS project will pursue the following objectives:

  • Mapping out the sources of UK law that could trigger expulsion of non-British citizens from the country, with a specific focus on the sources of legal protection available to persons concerned;
  • Establishing a network of academics, practitioners and officials working in the field; and
  • Producing open access resources assessing the law on expulsion and legal mechanisms of protection.

The objectives of the project will be pursued through desk-based research and workshops featuring the participation of stakeholders involved in this area of law.

The PLEAS project is funded by a College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Knowledge and Impact Grant.

Watch Dr Leandro Mancano discuss the PLEAS project:

PLEAS project workshop: Criminal Conducts and Expulsion from the United Kingdom

The first workshop of the Protection in the Law of Expulsion and Aid in Scotland (PLEAS) project took place on 26 June 2019, and revolved around different scenerios of 'expulsion' via criminal law. The session focused on extradition and protection of victims of human trafficking, and brought to the fore possible gaps in legal protection of the right to remain of the persons affected.

PLEAS project workshop: Present and Future Legal Challenges to the Right to Remain in the UK

The final workshop of the Protection in the Law of Expulsion and Aid in Scotland (PLEAS) project was held on 25 October 2019. It aimed to discuss areas of interaction between immigration and criminal law with regard to the right to stay in the UK, and to highlight possible challenges posed by Brexit.


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Leandro Mancano, 'EU Citizenship and criminal convictions : An insight into the United Kingdom approach' in Valsamis Mitsilegas, Alberto di Martino, Leandro Mancano (eds). Mancano, Leandro. The Court of Justice and European Criminal Law: Leading Cases in a Contextual Analysis.  (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2019, forthcoming)