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Law, Virtue and Political Community

This British Academy Global Professorship project on 'Law, Virtue and Political Community' argues that the possession of virtue by legal actors is critical to sound legal decision-making and to enhancing community bonds within and beyond the state.

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Led by Professor Amalia Amaya Navarro as Edinburgh Law School's current British Academy Global Professor, the project has three main parts, in which she aims to: develop a virtue approach to legal reasoning and judicial ethics and explore its consequences for legal education and institutional design; examine the political implications of the virtue turn in jurisprudence and argue that public virtue is critical to community building; and extend virtue jurisprudence to the international and global context by showing the relevance of virtuous character to legal-decision making.

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About the British Academy Global Professorship

The Global Professorships programme began in 2018 and is supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the UK Government’s National Productivity Fund. This prestigious programme aims to enrich the UK’s international research partnerships and collaborations, as well as strengthen the UK’s research capacity in the humanities and social sciences, by providing overseas scholars the opportunity to relocate to the UK for four years to pursue individual research goals and contribute to UK higher education.