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Global justice theory

The University of Edinburgh has a critical mass of key scholars and groups working on Global Justice.

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These include:

  • Within the School of Social and Political Science, the Just World Institute addresses three overlapping thematic areas of global justice: conflict and peace; issues of poverty and wealth; and justice as it relates to mitigating and adapting to change in the global environment, including climate change. 

The Law and Polity Project

The ‘Law and Polity’ project is concerned with the broadest implications of these world-historical shifts in the relationship between the legal and the political realms.

Learn more about the Law and Polity Project

Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform

PeaceRep re-thinks peace and transition processes in light of changing conflict dynamics, changing demands of inclusion, and changes in patterns of global intervention in conflict and peace/mediation/transition management processes..

Learn more about PeaceRep

Intimations of Global Law

The key work on global law, by Edinburgh Law School's Professor Neil Walker.

Learn more about Intimations of Global Law

Studies in Global Justice and Human Rights

This series of monographs and edited collections from the Edinburgh University Press publishes groundbreaking work on key topics in this increasingly popular field, such as democracy, gender, legal justice, poverty, human rights, environmental justice and just war theory. It will be essential reading for theorists working in politics, international relations, law, philosophy and beyond.

Learn more about Studies in Global Justice and Human Rights

Edinburgh Centre for Legal Theory

The Edinburgh Centre for Legal Theory combines an openness to diverse areas and styles of theoretical research with a deeply collegiate atmosphere in which staff, students, and visitors collaborate closely to further both personal and shared research agendas.

Learn more about the Edinburgh Centre for Legal Theory

Just World Institute

The Just World Institute fosters interdisciplinary research into global challenges, especially issues of ethics and justice.

Learn more about the Just World Institute


Other Centres and Projects working on global justice theory:

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