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Gender justice

Gender issues permeate most of the justice areas we research and study. While there are a large number of people studying gender justice issues across the University, there is an on-going need for exchange between projects and approaches, and to forge partnerships jointly with those outside the academy.

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The gender justice lab aims to work by networking scholars in the area of gender. There are two main streams within this grouping. First, scholars working on the gender issues relating to conflict, crime and peace; second, scholars working on gender as part of an interest in social activism and inclusion more generally. The gender lab tries to support both streams of scholars. We work through round tables and discussions between projects.  


genderED is a new digital hub in The University of Edinburgh, bringing together gender and sexuality studies courses, research, projects and events from across the College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences and beyond.

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The Dangerous Women Project

What does it mean to be a 'dangerous woman'? This initiative of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities examines the label through guest contributions from a diverse range of women, including experiences relating to conflict and peace.

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Gender and Political Processes in the Context of Devolution

This collaborative project included researchers from the University of Edinburgh, and explored the relationship between gender and devolution in Wales, looking at both the National Assembly for Wales and Welsh local government. The research has been completed.

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Minority Women, Activism and Austerity

'Minority Women, Activism and Austerity' was a comparative study that examined minority women’s experiences of, and activism against, austerity in Scotland, England and France. This project finished in 2016.

Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform

PeaceRep re-thinks peace and transition processes in light of changing conflict dynamics, changing demands of inclusion, and changes in patterns of global intervention in conflict and peace/mediation/transition management processes.

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UN Women

UN Women is the UN organisation dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. The Global Justice Academy and its Political Settlements Research Programme delivered between 2016 to 2019 a set of policy briefs on 'Enhancing Women's Leadership for Sustainable Peace in Fragile Contexts in the MENA Region'.

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Scottish Feminist Judgments Project (SFJP)

The SFJP is a collaboration between the Universities of Edinburgh and Warwick that is creating a space for re-imagining the processes and outcomes of judging in key cases from feminist perspectives.

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Sexual Violence in War

University of Edinburgh researchers have published a key study on the effects of sexual violence in war. 'Physical, mental and social consequences in civilians who have experienced war-related sexual violence: a systematic review (1981-2014)' can be read and downloaded here.

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Gender and Politics Research Group

Bringing together researchers who use gender and feminist analyses in their research, in Politics and International Relations and beyond. This group is a part of genderED.

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Histories of Gender and Sexuality Research Group

(HGS) brings together staff and postgraduate students whose research embraces gender, sexuality and/or women’s history. Important shared interests currently include structure and agency in theory and practice; gender and systems of regulation; fertility and reproduction.

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Postgraduate Gender Research Network of Scotland

A network connecting postgraduate researchers of gender at Scottish universities.

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Women in International Law Network: WILNET

The Global Justice Academy is a founding member of WILNET. Founded by women researchers of the Manchester International Law Centre, this new platform aims to provide a professional community for women international lawyers at any stage of their career to discuss both their experiences in - and pathways into - the field.

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