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About the GJA

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What is the Global Justice Academy?

The Global Justice Academy is an interdisciplinary network that supports research, teaching and knowledge exchange on global justice issues. It seeks to build on, consolidate and expand the work of existing centres and collaborations at the University of Edinburgh.

In particular, the Global Justice Academy aims to provide:

  • An interdisciplinary hub for the exploration of what global justice is;
  • An intellectual meeting place for the discussion of novel ideas regarding a more just world;
  • An institutional forum for dialogue with practitioners engaged in justice issues locally and globally.

How do we collaborate?

The Global Justice Academy is active in facilitating discussions to enable individual academics and existing centres and networks to expand their scope.

The goal is to allow the members of the Global Justice Academy to broaden their horizons with regard to research, teaching and knowledge exchange. In the medium-term, hopefully this will lead to collaborative research projects, new teaching initiatives and original forms of engagement with the public at large.

The Global Justice Academy is overseen Steering Committee of Members from across the University of Edinburgh. 

Our administration is supported by 

Membership of The Global Justice Academy is open to anyone with an interest in our research themes or in Global Justice more generally, and our University membership is collected together on Edinburgh Research Explorer (ERE).

View our members and explore their research via our Edinburgh Research Explorer pages