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Attendees at Legal Theory Event

Amalia Amaya, British Academy Global Professor

Zenon Bankowski, Emeritus Professor of Legal Theory

Sharon Cowan, Professor of Feminist and Queer Legal Studies

Deval Desai, Lecturer in International Economic Law

Luis Duarte d'Almeida, Honorary Professorial Fellow

Antony Duff, Honorary Professor

Martin David Kelly, Lecturer in Legal Theory

Chloë KennedySenior Lecturer in Criminal Law

Gail Lythgoe, Lecturer in Global Law

Cormac MacAmlaigh, Professor of Public Law 

Euan McDonald,Senior Lecturer in Jurisprudence 

Claudio MichelonProfessor of Philosophy of Law 

Burkhard SchafferProfessor of Computational Legal Theory 

Neil WalkerRegius Professor of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations

George Dick

Ines Gomes

Yunqing Liu

Iseult Daly

Shakile Holden 

Emilie Gibbons 

Aina Arif, 'Gender Sensitisation: An Ethical and Legal Approach for Gender Equality'

Maria Bessomi, 'Legal formalism and the Mechanical Application of the Law' 

Sara Canduzzi, 'Legitimacy without legality: towards a theory of global and supranational authorities' 

George Dick, 'How are "legal" and "non-legal" norms to be distinguished from each other?' 

JP Fassnidge, 'Moral Scepticism and Criminal Law: A Theory of Criminalisation' 

Aytac Kagan Cura, 'Constitutional Discourse in the Post-Westphalian Era' 

Richard Latta, 'The relationship between International Law and Municipal Legal Systems: a positivistic account' 

Rodrigo Pablo, 'The Just Price Theory: Trust and Sociability' 

Tsampika Taralli, 'Justification and Explanation in Theories of Law' 

Yunqing Liu, ‘International Legal Positivism’ 

Holly Hayes, 'Dignity in Human Rights Law: The Ultimate Essentially Contested concept'

Ines Gomes

Guillermo Estrada, National Autonomous University of Mexico 

Daniel Mitidiero, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Maksymilian del Mar (Queen Mary University of London)

Paula Gaido, MacCormick FellowUniversity of Buenos Aires (2023)

Seyedehoda Hosseiny, Lund University (2023)

Our community extends beyond current faculty and students to include our alumni. Our newly launched Edinburgh Legal Theory Alumni Network is meant to provide a forum for academic exchange and social interaction and to foster transgenerational connections.

Our alumni include:  

  • Aisling McMahon (Mynooth University)
  • Alexander Latham-Gambi (University of Birmingham) 
  • Asanga Welikala (University of Edinburgh)
  • Byung-Sun Oh (Sogang University Law School)
  • Chloë Kennedy (University of Edinburgh)
  • Claudio Michelon (University of Edinburgh)
  • Conrado Hubner Mendes (University of São Paulo) 
  • Constanza Salgado Muñoz (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez) 
  • Daniel Torres Goncalves (PRA-Raposo, Sá Miranda & Associados)
  • Elizabeth Shaw (University of Aberdeen)
  • Emilios Christodoulidis (University of Glasgow) 
  • Emily Postan (University of Edinburgh)
  • Emmanuel Melissaris
  • Es Bjarup (University of Stockholm)
  • Felipe Oliveira de Sousa (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) 
  • Fernando Atria (Universidad de Chile) 
  • Findlay Stark (University of Cambridge)
  • Francisco Saffie Gatica (Universidad Adolfo Ibanez and Chilean Ambassador to the OECD) 
  • George Pavlakos (University of Glasgow) 
  • Georgos Mousourakis (Hiroshima University)
  • Haris Psarras (University of Southhampton)  
  • Ismael Martínez  
  • Jaime Ubilla (Director of the CDDC - Centro de Derecho de Conservación / Conservation Law Center in Chile) 
  • James McLean (University of Strathclyde) 
  • Joaquín Reyes (Universidade Finis Terrae) 
  • John Touchie (Law School at Griffith University)
  • Jonathan Horton, KC (Level Eleven Inns of Court, Australia) 
  • Juliette Casey (Faculty of Advocates)
  • Kevin Walton (University of Sidney) 
  • Konstantine Eristavi (Ilia State University - Georgia)  
  • Lucas Miotto (Leeds Becket University) 
  • Maksymilian Del Mar (Queen Mary’s University - London) 
  • Martin David Kelly (University of Edinburgh)
  • Michael Roumeliotis (University of the Aegean)
  • Nicos Gervassis (University of Nottingham)
  • Noppadon Detsomboonrut (Thammasat University)
  • Oche Onazi (Northumbria University)  
  • Panagia Voyatzis Hernandez (University of Lincoln)  
  • Paolo Sandro (University of Leeds) 
  • Paul Burgess (Monash University)  
  • Peng He (Law School, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan) 
  • Peter Cameron (University of Dundee)
  • Peter Goodrich (Cardozo Law School)
  • Randy Gordon (Partner at Dwayne Morris LLB, Texas, USA),  
  • Robert Moles (Networked Knowledge Project)
  • Ross Carrick – Court of Justice of the European Union as a Democratic Forum
  • Scott Veitch (University of Hong Kong) 
  • Stephen Bogle (University of Glasgow)
  • Stephen Thomson (The Australian National University)
  • Stuart Midgely
  • Sundram Soosay (Independent scholar) 
  • Tom Flynn (University of Essex)
  • Vinicius Vidor (Brazilian Federal Judge – 5th Circuit) 
  • Vito Breda (University of Southern Queensland)
  • Wendy van der Neut (Netherland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs) 
  • X. Panagia Voyatzis Hernandez (University of Lincoln)
  • Younsik Kim (Sungshin Women's University Assistant Professor)

In memoriam:

  • Ruth Adler  (1944-1994)
  • Michael Machan (1968-2007)