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Simone Lamont-Black

Dr Parker Hood
Research interests: commercial law (particularly banking law and lender liability), company law, the law of obligations.

Dr Longjie Lu
Research interests: financial regulation, corporate governance, corporate finance and empirical legal studies.

Prof Emilios Avgouleas
Research interests: Global Financial Governance and Development, International Financial Regulation, Behavioural Finance and Financial Regulation, EC Securities Regulation, the Law of International Finance.

Prof David Cabrelli
Research interests: commercial law, company law, labour law, private law, comparative law.

Dr Jonathan Hardman
Research interests: Company law, theoretical corporate law, real rights in security, personal rights in security, commercial law, empirical company and commercial law, and law and economics.

Dr Simone Lamont-Black
Research interests: commercial law, particularly international trade and carriage of goods

Prof Laura Macgregor 
Research interests: the law of agency in the UK and also comparative agency law, European contract law (specifically the Draft Common Frame of Reference), contract law generally, insurance law.

Ms Lorna Richardson
Research interests: contract law, contract law in a comparative context.

Dr Remus Valsan
Research interests: comparative corporate law and governance, trust law, law and economics, fiduciary duties.

Dr Ruiqiao Zhang
Research Interests: trust law, corporate finance, property law, comparative law, and international trade law.

Jonathan Brown, Office of the Scottish Parliamentary Counsel

Dr Danny Busch, Attorney-at-law, Debrauw Blackstone Westbroek, and University of Nijmegen

Joyce Cullen, Chairman, Brodies LLP

W Cowan H Ervine, University of Dundee

Emilie Ghio

Professor George L Gretton

Dr Johanna Hoeskstra

Wojciech Jajdelski, Dundas & Wilson CS

Donna McKenzie-Skene, Aberdeen Law School

Adam McKinlay, Brodies LLP

Dr Andrew McLean

James McLean, Burness LLP

Jillian Martin-Brown, Dundas & Wilson CS

Prof Niamh Nic Shuibhne, Chair of European Union Law, Edinburgh Law School

Stephen O'Rourke, Advocate

Lindy Patterson, Dundas & Wilson CS

Dr Alasdair Peterson

Dr Evgenia Ralli

Lorna Richardson

Lynda Ross, Burness Paull

Andrew Sweeney

Dr Peter Webster

Scott Wortley, University of Edinburgh

Mohsin Al-Marri  'A Thesis on Investigation in Market Abuse in Qatar Financial Markets involving Kuwait'

Israel Cedillo Lazcano  'Legislative Challenges Relating to the Evolution of Money'

Shunyu Chi  'An Evaluation of the Transplantation of Takeover Rules from U.K. and U.S. from the Prospective of China'

Yvonne Enoch  'The complex pre-contractual role of the intermediary in Insurance Contract Law: The way forward'

Alvaro Garcia Martinez  'Provisional measures in cross border commercial disputes: a comparative analysis of the arbitration and litigation legal regimes'

Lamprini Georgiou  'The impact of blockchain technology and machine contracting on investor protection and bank integrity laws.'

Arantxa Guti√©rrez Raymondova  'The taxonomy of non-pecuniary losses. A comparative study of English law and French law'

Anindita Jaiswal  'Female Directors on Board- The Roadmap for India'

Alice Krzanich  'Female servants in early 19th century Scotland: legal principles of the master-servant relationship as they applied to women in the period 1800-1850'

Lorna MacFarlane  'Exceptions to the privity doctrine in Scots contract law'

Clare McDairmant  'In the Workplace in Great Britain : Do the religious exceptions contained in schedule 9 to the Equality Act 2010 go far enough, are they too wide or should they not exist at all?'

Omar Mostafa  'A Comparative Legal Analysis between the UK and Islamic Finance on Legal Issues Arising from the Dual Compatibility of Securitisation: The Bankruptcy Remoteness of Special Purpose Vehicles and the Enforcement of Investors Claims following Default.'

Elizabeth Przychodzki  'An Analysis of Current UK Protection From Bullying & Harassment In The Workplace Outside Discrimination Law Protection'

Thomas Rigg  'Director Primacy in the face of the enlightened shareholder value: The effect of a nuclear board on corporate governance and the theory of the firm'

Shona Warwick  'The Lease and the Licence in Scots law: A historical-doctrinal analysis'

Qingxiang Wu  'The analysis of establishing a comprehensive and uniform legal system regarding the enforcement of the arbitral awards in antitrust disputes.'

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