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Flagship events

The Edinburgh Centre for Commercial Law hosts a series of high profile events, conference, seminars, workshops and lectures throughout the year.

Edinburgh at night

2019 - 20

Data privacy, commercial interests and the consumer: a knotty interface?
Ms Justice Marie Baker, Judge of the Court of Appeal, Ireland
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2018 - 19

Scotland v England & Wales on the field of international arbitration: competition or co-existence?
Dame Elizabeth Gloster, Judge of the English Court of Appeal (retired)

2017 - 18

Secured Transactions Law Reform: The View from South of the Border
Professor Louise Gullifer, of Manchester Harris College, University of Oxford

2016 - 17

Interpretation of contract: a question of taste
Speaker: Lord Sumption of the UK Supreme Court

2015 - 16

What Shall We Do About Fraudulent Insurance Claims?
Speaker: Rt Hon Lord Clarke

2014 - 15

Does Scotland Need Its Own Commercial Law?
Speaker: Lord Hodge

2013 - 14

Ex turpi causa: When Latin Excludes Liability
Speaker: Rt Hon Lord Mance

2012 -13

Lies, Damned Lies: Abuse of Process and the Dishonest Litigant
Speaker: Rt Hon Lord Reed

2011 - 12

Time to Call it a Day: Reflections on Finality and the Law
Speaker: Rt Hon Lord Dyson

2010 - 11

Taking the Case to London - Maybe It's Not All Over After All
Speaker: Rt Hon Lord Hope of Craighead KT

2009 - 10

The Achilleas: Custom and Practice or Foreseeability
Speaker Rt Hon Lord Hoffmann
Edinburgh Law Review 14 (2010) 47-61 doi:10.3366/E1364980909000900

2008 - 09

A New Thing Under the Sun? The Interpretation of Contracts and the ICS Decision
Speaker: Rt Hon Lord Bingham of Cornhill
Edinburgh Law Review 12 (2008) 374-390 doi:10.3366/E1364980908000620 


12 June 2020: Does the global pandemic signal a paradigm shift in law and the economy?
Co-organised by Professor Emilios Avgouleas (Edinburgh) and Professor Iain MacNeil (Glasgow), the event brought together leading economists, eminent jurists, and public speakers to  discuss the paradigm shifts in the law and economy post-Covid-19.
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2016 - 17

10 March 2017: International conference on “Multi-Tier Dispute Resolution in Practice”
This event, with around 60 delegates, was organised the Edinburgh Centre of Commercial Law (Dr Simone Lamont-Black) in conjunction with the Edinburgh Centre of Professional Legal Studies and with the support of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Scottish Branch and the Scottish Arbitration Centre. The event, offered practitioners, academics, and students the opportunity to hear from a number of prominent speakers on various dispute resolution methods. There was a particular focus on tactics in a multi-tier setting and the enforcement of multi-tier clauses. Delegates also took part in practical workshops in the afternoon, on dispute boards, drafting multi-tier clauses, and mediation. The conference concluded with a closing speech from The Rt. Hon. Lord Hope of Craighead, and dinner in St Leonards Hall.
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2015 - 16

3 - 4 February 2015: “Current Issues in Freight Forwarding: Law and Logistics”.
This was an interdisciplinary conference drawing together academics, practitioners and stakeholders in transport law and logistics; with keynote address by Professor Jan Ramberg. It was organised by Dr Simone Lamont-Black (ECCL) and Dr Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm (ECCL, and Private Law). The topics covered ranged from the appropriateness of legal framework; qualification & classification of freight forwarder’s services; freight forwarder’s information duties; liability regimes for multimodal transport ; sustainable carriage of goods & role of the transport integrator; standard freight forwarding terms & logistics practises; merchant haulage in multimodal transports; project forwarding & installation contracts; impact of the insurance act 2015 on commercial & business insurance; international jurisdiction & applicable law issues in relation to freight forwarding contracts & reach of arbitration clauses; competition law in freight forwarding;  to country specific issues: Croatia, France, Belguim, UAE, USA, UK.
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2014 - 15

27 February 2015: “Arbitration and Private International Law Conference”
This event was hosted jointly and lead by the Edinburgh Centre for Private Law (Dr Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm) with ECCL member Dr Simone Lamont-Black. It was funded by the British Academy as part of their funded project "Private International Law and the Development of Integrated Markets – An inter-regional collaboration" (PILIM) which Dr Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm leads. The topics discussed ranged from arbitration and applicable law; arbitration and jurisdiction; arbitration and international private law – views from arbitration practice; to the role of international private law in arbitration.

2012 - 13

28 September 2012: EU Procurement Law Conference
The Edinburgh Centre for Commercial Law was delighted to host a conference on EU Procurement Law in conjunction with the commercial law firm, Burness LLP for the third year in a row. The Edinburgh Centre for Commercial Law, led by Mr David Cabrelli, and Burness welcomed approximately 60 delegates to the Playfair Library from a range of organisations in the public and private sectors. After intensive prior consultation with stakeholders, the conference focused on the theme of overcoming practical problems in the procurement field. In particular, Graeme Palmer, Director of Burness ‘s presentation concentrated on contract award procedures and the evaluation of tender bids, whilst Pamela Brown, a Community Benefits and Social Enterprise Adviser, looked at the interesting issue of developing and implementing community benefits in practice. Nico Spiegel of the European Commission’s Public Procurement Policy Directorate and Paul McNulty, Deputy Director of the Scottish Procurement Directorate of the Scottish Government, provided a unique insight into the thinking of the European Commission and Scottish Government on impending European and domestic legislation. Meanwhile, Dr. Aris Georgopoulous, Lecturer in European and Public Law of the University of Nottingham, discussed procurement and collaborative relationships and Morag Wise, Advocate of the Scottish Bar furnished a review of recent Scottish case law on procurement law. The presentations were followed by an interactive question and answer session with the speakers. Delegates were encouraged to produce questions which were then discussed and debated by the panel. In conclusion, the conference was a great success and furthered one of the principal objectives of the Edinburgh Centre for Commercial Law: namely, to act as a forum where academic lawyers can interact with practising lawyers in the solicitor and advocate professions, as well as organisations in the public and private sectors.

2011 - 12

7 October 2011: “Signposts for the Future: the EU Procurement Landscape”
The Centre (Mr David Cabrelli), together with Burness LLP, held the second annual conference on EU Procurement Law. The title was “Signposts for the Future: the EU Procurement Landscape” and it took place on 7 October 2011. Speakers were drawn from the European Commission (Nico Spiegel); academia (Prof Emeritus Sir David Edward and Dr Aris Georgopoulos, University of Nottingham); as well as practice (James McLean, Declan Magee, Carson McDowell and Graeme Palmer).

2010 - 11

8 October 2010: 'Navigating Procurement – Not Quite Plain Sailing Yet'
The Centre held a conference in conjunction with Burness LLP on EU Procurement Law. The title was 'Navigating Procurement – Not Quite Plain Sailing Yet' and it took place on 8 October 2010. Speakers were drawn from the European Commission (Akos Nagy), academia (Prof Emeritus Sir David Edward and Dr Aris Georgopoulos, University of Nottingham), and practice (Iain Mitchell QC, Declan Magee, Carson McDowell and Graeme Palmer, Burness LLP).

2009 - 10

23 June 2010: 'The Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010: A New Beginning'.
The conference was organised jointly with the Scottish Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Faculty of Advocates, the Law Society of Scotland and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The conference was opened by an address from the Minister for Community Safety, Fergus Ewing MSP. An introduction to the Act and was provided by John Campbell QC and Hew Dundas, a member of the team involved in the drafting of the Act. An international perspective was provided by James Hope (Vinge, Sweden), Kaj Hober (Mannheimer Swartling, Sweden) and Michael Davison (Lovells, London). Two panel sessions were held, one chaired by Lord Dervaird and one by Lord Drummond Young. Lord Glennie was also in attendance.

2019 - 20

7 - 8 March 2020: 9th Edinburgh International Willem Vis Pre-Moot
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2018 - 19

16 - 17 March 2019: 8th Edinburgh International Willem Vis Pre-Moot
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2017 - 18

24 - 25 February 2018: 7th Edinburgh International Willem Vis Pre-Moot
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2016 - 17

11 - 12 March 2017: 6th Edinburgh International Willem Vis Pre-Moot
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2015 - 16

20 - 21 February 2016: 5th International William Vis Pre-Moot Weekend
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2014 - 15

28 February - 1 March 2015: 4th Edinburgh International Willem Vis Pre-Moot Weekend
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2013 - 14

15 - 16 March 2014: 3rd Edinburgh International Willem Vis Pre-Moot
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2012 - 13

23 - 24 February 2013: 2nd Edinburth International Willem Vis Pre-Moot
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2011 - 12

3 - 4 March 2012: 1st Edinburgh International Willem Vis Pre-Moot
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The 3rd Edinburgh FinTech Law Lecture
"Fintech and Fairness – Regulating Algorithmic Credit Scoring" to be given by Prof Katja Langenbucher, Chair of Civil Law, Business Law and Banking Law at Goethe-University's House of Finance in Frankfurt .

Watch the full recording of the 2021 Edinburgh FinTech Law Lecture

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The 2nd Edinburgh FinTech Law Lecture
"Money and Payments in the 4th Industrial Revolution" was given by Sir William Blair, First President of the Board of Appeal of the European Supervisory Authorities (2012-2019).

Read the full transcript of the 2020 Edinburgh Fintech Law Lecture (PDF)

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The Inaugural Edinburgh FinTech Law Lecture
"The Potential and Perils of Financial Technology: Can the Law Adapt to Cope?" was given by the Right Hon Lord Hodge, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

Watch the full recording of the 2019 Edinburgh FinTech Law Lecture

Read the full transcript of the 2019 Edinburgh FinTech Law Lecture (PDF)

2019 - 20

October 2019: Professor David Kershaw, LSE
“The purposive transformation of company law”

16 October 2019: Professor Rosa Lastra, Queen Mary University of London
"Populism and central bank independence"
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29 October 2019: Dr Ryan Catterwell, University of Queensland
"The Cognition of Contract Interpretation"
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13 November 2019: Prof Jennifer Payne, Merton College, University of Oxford
"UK Debt Restructuring: The Opportunities and Challenges presented by Brexit"
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12 December 2019: Dr Gabrielle Golding, Adelaide Law School
"The Autonomy of the Law Governing the Contract of Employment"

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20 March 2020: Michael Davie QC and Neil Bowers, 4 Pump Court, London
"Liquidated Damages and Contractual Termination: Triple Point v PTT and Beyond
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2018 - 19

16 October 2018: Professor Andrew Burrows, All Souls’ College, Oxford University
“Negotiating damages” (Damages for breach of contract)

13 November 2018: Petr Tomasek, University of Charles, Czech Republic
“The duty of loyalty of a shareholder from the Czech and German Perspective”, 13th November, 2018

5 March 2019: Professor Joe McCahery, University of Tilburg, the Netherlands
“The funding gap of SMEs”

21 May 2019: Professor Charles Elson, University of Delaware
“Delaware business judgement rule and the death of dual class”3

2017 - 18

22 September 2017: Professor Douglas Arner (University of Hong Kong)
“FinTech Revolution and the Challenge of Regulation”

3 October 2017: Professor Guido Ferrarini (University of Genoa)
“Brexit and Financial Services: The Case of CCPs”

18 January 2018: Professor Paul Davies (University of Oxford, and author of Gower and Davies, Principles of Modern Company Law)
“The Reform of Corporate Governance”

8 February 2018: Dr Katarzyna Chalaczkiewicz-Ladna (University of Glasgow)
“Engaging Shareholders in Corporate Decision-Making through Reporting, An Empirical Study of FTSS 100 Companies”,

2016 - 17

19 October 2016: Prof. Mark Freedland (Oxford University)
The Contract of Employment, and the Paradoxes of Precarity"

1 November 2016: Prof Danny Busch (Nijmegen)
"Swaps Litigation in Europe"

3 November 2016: Prof David Campbell (Lancaster)
"Adam Smith and the Social Foundation of Agreement: Walford v Miles as a relational contract"

9 November 2016: Dr Andrew Hutchison (Cape Town)
"A customary insurance law in South Africa?"

5 December 2016: Sam Woods, CEO of the PRA and deputy governor of the Bank of England
“The UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority and Systemic Risk”

8 December 2016: Dr. Jaap Baaijon
“The Public Condition of Private Governance: Legal Enforceability and International Commercial Arbitration” 

28 February 2017: Dr Guilherme Amaral
"Judicial Precedent and Arbitration – Are Arbitrators Bound by Judicial Precedent? A Comparative Study among the United Kingdom, The United States and Brazil"

13 March 2017: Mr Lee Buchheit (Senior Partner, Cleary Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton, NY; Visiting Professor, School of Law, University of Edinburgh)
"The State of Global Markets and the Legal Profession"

29 March 2017: Professor Roberta Romano, Yale Law School
“The Iron Law of Financial Regulation”

10 April 2017: Judge Ian Forrester (Judge of the General Court of the European Union)
"Shall we in one bound be free?  The European Court and European law after Brexit"

17 May 2017: Prof Crea
“The Network Contract in Italy: New Paradigm or ‘Much Ado About Nothing”

2015 - 16

6 October 2016 (Jointly with the Europa Institute): Professor Franklin Allen, (Nippon Life Professor of Finance and Economics, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania)
“The Origins of Systemic Risk and Policies to Reduce It”

21 October 2016: Professor Carlos Gorriz Lopez (University of Madrid)
“The Evolution of the European Company”

4 November 2015: Dr Marc Moore (Reader in Corporate Law, University of Cambridge)
“The Irrelevance of Directors’ Duties of Public Companies”

25 November 2015: Ms Karina McTeague (Director of Retail Banking Supervision at the Financial Conduct Authority)
“Ethics in Banking”

28 January 2016: Professor Phillip Rawlings (Queen Mary College, London)
“Mansfield and Insurance Law: Another History”

11 February 2016: Ms Gabrielle Golding (University of Adelaide/Visitor to University of Strathclyde)
“The Implied Term of Mutual Trust and Confidence: Time for a Rethink?”

9 March 2016: Mr Antonio Foglia, Managing Director, Belgrave Asset Management; Partner, Institute for Economic Thinking
“Debunking the Myths of the Last Recession”

23 May 2016: Professor Peter Watts (University of Auckland, Leverhulme Visiting Professor to the University of Oxford, Principal Editor: Bowstead & Reynolds on Agency
“Some Aspects of the Intersection of the Law Agency with the Law of Restitution”

2014 - 15

24th June 2014: Dr Patricia Santos Rodriguez (Member of the Research Centre for Financial Markets Law at CEU, San Pablo University, Madrid)
“Historical and Philosophical Perspectives for Modern Corporate Governance: the Spanish Case”

13th November, 2014: Professor John Armour (Hogan Lovell’s Professor of Law and Finance, University of Oxford)
“Rethinking Financial Regulation”

24th March, 2015: Professor Eilis Ferran (Professor of Company and Securities Law; JM Keynes Fellow, University of Cambridge)
“The Existential Search of the European Banking Authority”

9th June, 2015: Professor Steven Schwarcz (Stanley A Starr Professor of Law and Business, Duke University)
“Ring-Fencing in the Banking and Insurance Sectors as a Stabilisation Mechanism”

2013 - 14

28 March, 2014: Professor Lisa Fairfax, Washington University Law School
‘US Shareholder Activism and Corporate Governance After the Financial Crisis’

9 June 2014: Alfonso Martinez-Echevarria y Garcia de Duenas, CEU San Pablo University, Madrid
‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading: A Market in Financial Instruments’

2012 - 13

7 February 2012: Assoc Prof Moin Yahya, University of Alberta
‘The Law and Economics of the Equity Risk Premium: the Delaware Approach’

15 May 2013: Dr Rebecca Zahn, University of Stirling
‘The Elective and Automatic Theories of Termination at Common Law: Conundrum Resolved?’

23 May 2013: Prof Chris Willett, University of Essex
‘Making Consumer Law More Accessible: A Range of Strategies’

2011 - 12

28 November 2011, Hew Dundas, Chartered Arbitrator
“Beyond Known Space: ADR in the 4th Dimension” 

2 February 2012, Professor David Campbell, Leeds University
“The Pointlessness of the Performance Interest: Keep Open Covenants in Scotland” 

2010 - 11

1 November 2010: Prof Iain Murray
'A Way Forward At Last: the Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010'

11 May 2011: Paul Bugden, Bugden & Co, Solicitors
'London Shipping Arbitration and the LMAA (London Maritime Arbitrators’ Association)'

18 May 2011: Professor William Lovett, Tulane Law School
'Keynesian Deficits, Sovereign Debts, and Financial Crisis Politics' 

2 June 2011: Dr Severine Saintier, Sheffield Law School
'The Fallacy of the French Method of Compensating Commercial Agents'

2009 - 10

24 November 2009: Steven Walker, Advocate
'The Renaissance of Scottish International Arbitration' 

1 February 2010: Joan Cradden, Brodies LLP
The furore over banker's bonuses and its influence on the development of remuneration policies and the employment contract'

2 August 2010: Professor Irene-Marie Esser, University of South Africa
'Directors' Duties: The new Companies Act and King III - A South African Perspective’

2008 - 09

12 November 2008: Prof Iain McNeill, University of Glasgow
Professor McNeill’s topic was ‘Private Equity.’ At a well-attended lecture he provided a guide to this highly complex area of commercial life, and also some food for thought for development of this area in the future. 

3 December 2008: Donna McKenzie-Skene, University of Aberdeen 
This lecture was a highly stimulating event, given by one of the leading experts in bankruptcy law in Scotland. The title of the lecture was ‘The balancing of accounts in bankruptcy.’ The lecture was extremely well-attended, particularly by members of the profession. 

31 March 2009: Jonathan Barne, Advocate 
Jonathan Barne, advocate, delivered a paper entitled ‘Derivative actions under the Companies Act 2006.’ The paper drew on Mr Barne’s experience of running an action in the Scottish Commercial Court in this field. The event was extremely well-attended. The paper was a particularly valuable one, providing the legal practitioner’s perspective on these difficult Companies Act provisions.

2019 - 20

17 February 2020: Route to Qualification in Canada 
This event was organised and hosted by Dr Ruiqiao Zhang of Edinburgh Law School. The presenters were Jennifer Ha, the Canada National Committee on Accreditation Coordinator; and Courtney Wagner, the student recruiter of Alberta Law Faculty. Topics covered at this event included: The National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) process. The process required to meet the NCA’s requirements in order to apply for admission to a common Law bar in Canada. The University of Alberta’s Internationally Trained Lawyer Pathway, which is an option for students who wish to complete their NCA requirements in a supportive and collaborative classroom environment.

2017 - 18

26 March 2018: Round Table Interdisciplinary Workshop on Financial Stability
This was a very high profile event co-organised by Professor Avgouleas and the leadership of the Bank of England in Edinburgh, with the support of the Scottish Finance Enterprise (“SFE”), and strong financial support from the Chief Economist of the Scottish Government.  The keynote speakers were (i) Ms Andrea Enria the Chairman of the European Banking Authority, and (ii) Mr Andrew Gracie, the Bank of England Director of Financial Stability and featured the Financial Conduct Authority Director for Scotland and senior directors from the Scottish banking and finance industry and business leaders from abroad as well as senior academic economists.

2014 - 15

2nd September 2014: Contract Law Workshop
“Calling All Contract Lawyers – Things You Need to Be Thinking About Day In, Day Out”

11 March 2015: Banking, Finance and Economics Workshop
“Redrawing Monetary and Financial Stability Policy in the Eurozone”

16 June 2015: Financial Conduct Workshop
"The Challenges MiFID II Presents for the Insurance and Asset Management Industries"

2013 - 14

14 January 2014: Fiduciary Duties of Investment Intermediaries
The focus of this workshop was the Law Commission’s Consultation Paper on the Fiduciary Duties of Investment Intermediaries. This project follows from the Keay Review of UK Equity Markets and long term decision making (final report July 2012). The Law Commission was asked to consider inter alia how fiduciary duties currently apply to investment intermediaries, to clarify how far those who invest on behalf of others may take into account factors such as social, environmental and ethical impact, and to evaluate whether fiduciary duties are conducive to investment strategies in the best interests of the ultimate beneficiaries.

14 March 2014: Arbitration and International Law
This conference was supported by the Edinburgh Centre for Commercial Law, the Scottish Centre for International Law and Cambridge University Press. A day long conference, it included sessions on Contractual Arbitration and International Law, Investor-State Arbitration and International Law, and International Arbitration. The range of international experts acting as speakers and discussants were drawn from both academia and legal practice.

21 May 2014: Trajectory of Financial Law in the 21st Century - Private Law Perspectives
The focus of the workshop was global financial markets in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and the Eurozone debt crisis. These challenges were met by an avalanche of regulations to mend the broken system. However, while regulatory and governance reforms have dominated the headlines and academic research, private law underpinning financial markets is also undergoing very important changes. These challenges and the effectiveness of both regulation and private law controls were debated by the speakers and the audience.

2009 - 10

7 December 2009: 'The Role of Consent in the Scots Law of Contract'.
The workshop was chaired by Lord Glennie, principal judge, Scottish Commercial Court. The speakers were Dr Gillian Black, David Cabrelli, Dr Peter Webster and Laura Macgregor. Four advocates from Axiom Advocates acted as discussants on the individual papers (Martin Richardson, Sean Smith, Roisin Higgins, John MacGregor). A closing address was given by Dr Mark Godfrey, University of Glasgow.

2 June 2010: A workshop held jointly with the Scottish Law Commission: 'Insurance Contract Law: Damages for Late Payment and the Insurer's Duty of Good Faith'.
The workshop was chaired by Lord Penrose. Speakers included David Hertzell (Law Commission), Prof Hector MacQueen (Scottish Law Commission), Lex Dowie (Eversheds LLP) and Lindy Patterson QC (Dundas & Wilson LLP).

2017 - 18

22 March 2018: “The Transformation of Finance and Investment: Information and Technology Revolutions” 
Selected by HM's Treasury to be part of the UK's Fintech week, 2018. Held at University College, London.

24 May 2018: Public Panel on Systemic Risk in the Financial Sector: Ten Years after the Global Financial Crisis”
Professor Avgouleas co-organised this event with the Centre for International Governance and Innovation (“CIGI”), Duke University (Professor Steven Schwarcz), and Hong Kong University.  It was held at the Toronto Stock Exchange and included a public panel.  Participants included leading economists from Yale University (Geanakoplos) and Stanford University (Admati), senior ECB and Bank of Canada directors, and senior law professors for Yale University (Professor Roberta Romano), Columbia University (Professor K Judge) and Harvard University (Professor Howell Jackson).
More information

2014 - 15

16 October 2014: Book Launch
Mr David Cabrelli, Employment Law in Context: Text and Materials (2014, OUP)

12 February 2015: Book Launch
Professor Laura Macgregor, Commercial Law in Scotland (2014, 3rd edn, Greens Law Publisher). This book was co-authored with Fraser Davidson and Denis Garrity. The launch was held jointly with the Edinburgh Centre for Private Law, and marked the publication of both this book and Dr Gillian Black’s, Woolman on Contract (2014, 5th edn).

2013 - 14

5 March 2014: Book Launch
On 5 March 2014 a book launch was held to celebrate the publication of Laura Macgregor’s, ‘The Law of Agency in Scotland.’ Lord Glennie gave a speech to introduce the book.

2012 - 13

29 November 2012: Seminar with the Scottish Law Commission on the Commission’s Proposals for Reform of the Law of Contract: Execution in Counterpart.
The event, which was chaired by Lord Hodge. Speakers included Dr Gillian Black, Prof Hector MacQueen and Paul Hally, Shepherd & Wedderburn LLP.

6 December 2012: Book Launch
C. Murray, D Holloway, D Timson Hunt, Schmitthoff The Law and Practice of International Trade (Sweet and Maxwell, 2012)
P. Hood, Lender Liability (OUP, 2012)
Lord Glennie, the honorary chair of the Centre, delivered an address in which he warmly welcomed the publication of the two excellent new books.

2011 - 12

26 - 27 April 2011: A two day symposium on Interpretation of Contract.
This was part of a project edited by David Cabrelli and Laura Macgregor in conjunction with Jaap Baaij, University of Amsterdam. National reporters from Portugal, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Croatia, Italy and Finland attended. On 26th, plenary speakers included Prof Hector MacQueen, Prof Gerard McMeel, Bristol University, and Prof Eric Clive. On 27th the national reporters met for ongoing discussions of the questionnaires used in the project. 

17 November 2011, in conjunction with the LLM in Commercial Law, the Hogan Lovells Internship Event for students in International Commercial Arbitration.
Speaker, Michael Davison, Hogan Lovells.

2010 - 11

17 January 2011: in conjunction with the LLM in Commercial Law, the Hogan Lovells internship event for students in international commercial arbitration.
Lecture by Mr Michael Davidson, Hogan Lovells, and reception sponsored by the Faculty of Advocates. 


18 January 2011: Book launch
Gillian Black, Woolman on Contract (4th edn, 2010). Lord Reed, the honorary Chairman of the Centre, introduced the event.

2008 - 09

15 October 2008: Book Launch
Business Law in Scotland (2008) edited by Gillian Black 
Commercial Law in Scotland (2008, 2nd edn) by Fraser Davidson and Laura Macgregor 
The Centre staged a book launch to mark the publication of two new books on commercial law edited/authored by two of the management team of the ECCL. Lord Woolman gave an address summarising the contribution of the books to existing scholarship. 

10 January 2009: Amsterdam Book Launch and conference 
A conference was held in Amsterdam to mark the publication of The Unauthorised Agent: Perspectives from European and Comparative Law, a book edited by Danny Busch and Laura Macgregor and published by Cambridge University Press in February 2009. The conference was held at the offices of the law firm, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, and was jointly organised by De Brauw, the University of Utrecht and the ECCL. The editors delivered a joint paper summarising the project which resulted in the publication of the book. The conference was chaired by Professor Reinhard Zimmermann, Max Planck Institute. Papers were delivered by some of the world’s leading agency lawyers: Francis Reynolds, Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Oxford; Professor Deborah DeMott, David F Cavers Professor of Law, Duke University, and Prof H Verhagen, University of Utrecht. Professor Reynolds commented that it was the first conference he had attended which analysed agency law alone. Two other members of the ECCL, Dr Gillian Black and David Cabrelli, attended the launch, conference and conference dinner. The papers delivered at the conference will be published in a special edition of the European Review of Private Law, to be published in December 2009. 

5 March 2009: Book Launch, Edinburgh 
A book launch and lecture took place in Edinburgh for The Unauthorised Agent: Perspectives from European and Comparative Law, edited by Danny Busch and Laura Macgregor. Professor Kenneth Reid gave an address commenting on the contribution of the book to comparative law.