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Scottish Universities Roman Law Moot

Old College quad

The Scottish Universities Roman Law Moot brings together universities in Scotland which teach a Roman/Civil law course as part of their undergraduate LLB programme. Presently this includes Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Napier and RGU. Each university sends a team of undergraduate mooters to compete on a series of libelli set in the mid-6th century and drafted as though the substantive law were as promulgated by the Emperor Justinian. This provides students with an opportunity to test what they have learned and develop essential advocacy skills which will serve them in their future careers. The competition will rotate between each participating university and therefore Scotland’s principal cities, with the first event held in the Spring of 2023 at the University of Glasgow.  


The competition will foster closer ties between staff teaching Roman law and legal history at Scotland’s universities, while also reinforcing the connection between undergraduate teaching and the Roman Law of Property and Obligations requirement for admission to the Faculty of Advocates. It offers students an exciting new forum for intellectual and social exchange within the Civilian legal tradition.


If you are a current Edinburgh undergraduate student interested in participating in the Edinburgh team for this moot, please contact Dr Lorren Eldridge.