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Centre for Legal History

The Centre for Legal History provides a lively social and scholarly focus for the active research community – faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and postgraduate students - in legal history, including Civil (Roman) law, at Edinburgh Law School. The University has a long tradition in the field, as the Chair of Civil Law was founded in 1710, with Civil Law taught continuously in the University since then. Major interests pursued are Roman law, the learned laws in the Middle Ages, the history of law in Europe, the history of Scots law, and legal history in Louisiana.

Centre for Legal History

A lively social and scholarly community for the study of legal history at Edinburgh Law School.

Rossi, Representation and Ostensible Authority in Medieval Learned Law
When is it possible to hold valid an act done unlawfully? To answer the question, medieval civil lawyers focused mainly on the case of a slave elected praetor in the mistaken belief that he was a Roman citizen.
Dr Guido Rossi
Lecturer in European Legal History

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