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IT and Media Law

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Christopher Boniface, Research Fellow in IT Law

Paolo Cavaliere, Lecturer in Digital Media and IT Law

Rachael Craufurd-Smith, Reader in EU Law

Scott McLachlan, Research Fellow

Daria Onitiu, Research Associate

Judith Rauhofer, Senior Lecturer in IT Law

Burkhard Schafer, Professor of Computational Legal Theory

Lachlan Urquhart, Lecturer in Technology Law

John Zerilli, Chancellor’s Fellowship in Artificial Intelligence, Data and the Rule of Law

Journal articles

How do you solve a problem like Alexa?
Atabey, Ayça; Schafer, Burkhard; Urquhart, Lachlan. In: Jusletter IT, March, 30.03.2023, p. 185-198. View article

Undue influence from the family in declining COVID-19 vaccination and treatment for the elderly patient
Lee, See Muah; Frets, Neal Ryan; Tirtajana, Irene et al. In: Asian Bioethics Review, 11.04.2023. View article

What the Dickens: Post-mortem privacy and intergenerational trust
Schafer, Burkhard; Briggs, Jo; Moncur, Wendy et al. In: Computer Law and Security Review, Vol. 49, 105800, 07.2023, p. 1-9. View article

When brand distinctiveness is in the AI of the beholder: Trademark law for autonomous intelligent shopping agents
de Amstalden, M. & Schafer, B. In: New Zealand Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 18, 05.01.2023, p. 51-84. View article

Policing the smart home : The internet of things as ‘invisible witnesses' 
Urquhart, Lachlan; Miranda, Diana ; Podoletz, Lena. In: Information Polity: An International Journal of Government and Democracy in the Information Age, Vol. 27, No. 2, 06.06.2022, p. 233-246. View article

Tempting the fate of the furious : Cyber security and autonomous cars
Mclachlan, Scott; Schafer, Burkhard; Dube, Kudakwashe et al. In: International Review of Law, Computers and Technology, Vol. 36, No. 2, 2022, p. 181-201. View article

Incorporating ‘fashion identity’ into the right to privacy
Onitiu, Daria. In: Law, Technology and Humans, Vol. 4, No. 1, 24.05.2022, p. 102-116. View Article

The truth in fake news : How disinformation laws are reframing the concepts of truth and accuracy on digital platforms
Cavaliere, Paolo, In: European Convention on Human Rights Law Review, 11.10.2022, p. 1-43. View article

Book chapters

In space, nobody can copyright your scream
Schafer, B. The Institutions of Extraterrestrial Liberty. ed / CS Cockell. Oxford University Press, 2023, p. 384-410. View chapter

Of wicked wizards and indigo jackals: Legal regulation of privacy and identity in cultural comparative perspective
Schafer, B. Informationelle Menschenrechte und digitale Gesellschaft. ed. / B Buchner & T Petri. Mohr Siebeck, 2022, p. 27-45. View chapter

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