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Mr Amanullah Ahmadzai

Amanullah Ahmadzai

Research Fellow

LL.M. in Democratic Governance & Rule of Law (Ohio Northern University, USA)
LL.B. in Law & Political Science (Kabul University, School of Law, Afghanistan)

Tel: +44 (0)131 650 2008


Amanullah Ahmadzai holds a Master Degree in Law (LL.M) from the United States and is working as visiting research fellow, with the University of Edinburgh, School of Law, from June 2022. Ahmadzai Obtained his LL.B from the Law and Political Science Faculty of Kabul University, in 2011. Through the LEVAS (Legal Education for Visiting Afghan Scholars) award, he completed his LL.M. in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law from the Claude W. Pettit College of Law, Ohio Northern University, US, in May 2017. During his LL.M studies at ONU, Mr. Ahmadzai has also successfully completed a nine-month special program of Legal Pedagogy and Instruction, at ONU. In addition, Mr. Ahmadzai has participated in several workshops, seminars, and training in different legal subjects including; Media Law, Practical Legal Training, Criminal Defense Clinic, Juveniles justice, Crime Scene Investigation, Forensics, and Management. Mr. Ahmadzai has a special education in practical mediation skills, from USA.

The Master’s Program in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law provided Ahmadzai with significant knowledge and best practices on how to deal with the most legal aspects of developing countries, especially countries that has passed a civil war or instability. The program at ONU was specifically designed for the post conflict societies and students like Ahmadzai had the chance to not only learn from professors and academic staff but also from his classmates, who came from different countries with somehow similar experience, like; Botswana, Uganda, Malawi, Georgia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kosovo, Brazil.

Before he moved to the UK, he hold academic, legal and administrative positions, back in Afghanistan, for almost a decade. He has served as Assistant Professor at the Law and Political Science Faculty of Kabul University, for more than nine years. He taught different legal subjects, especially Commercial Law, Private International Law, Introduction to the Law, Civil and Commercial Procedure, and Media Law. Mr. Ahmadzai has also served as visiting professor at the Sharia Law School of Kabul University and different private universities. He, in several media law moot court competitions, has also participated as participant, coach, and judge, in the national and South Asian regional rounds, administered by the Nai, Internews, and USAID. Mr. Ahmadzai has conducted legal researches in different legal subjects and published articles. His recent Article “Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness of Commercial Courts in Afghanistan” has published in an American journal, the Southern Law Journal,” spring 2018 (

In addition to his academic experience, Mr. Ahmadzai had heled attorney license of the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association and practiced law, for more than 4 years and has also served as “General Justice Director for Kabul City” and “Huquq General Director”, with the Ministry of Justice of Afghanistan, from Nov 2020 to Aug 2021. Before that, he has worked with the Appeal’s Board of ‘Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission of Afghanistan’, as Senior Specialist. While being involved in different rule of law projects he was a member and founder of the Afghan-U.S. Law Alumni Association.