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Laura Wise

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Research Fellow and Programme Coordinator

BSc Econ, MA

Tel: 0131 650 2062


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Laura Wise is a Research Associate with the DFID-funded Political Settlements Research Programme, and a member of the team behind the PA-X Peace Agreements Database.

Laura’s research explores the intersections between minority and territorial politics in the context of peace processes and post-conflict societies. She focuses on sub-national political settlements, peace agreements and peace processes (especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1992-1995), ethnopolitics in post-conflict societies, and kin-state politics in borderlands, with a particular interest in Southeastern Europe.

Her work has been published in various academic journals and online outlets, including Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Sudosteuropa, Transconflict and the Dangerous Women Project. She has also worked as a researcher for the UN Women project 'Enhancing Women’s Leadership for Sustainable Peace in Fragile Contexts in the MENA Region', supporting women engaged in peace processes in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Libya.

Laura holds a BSc Econ in International Politics and the Third World from Aberystwyth University and an MA in Comparative Ethnic Conflict from Queen's University Belfast. She has previously been awarded a three-year entrance scholarship and the 2011/2012 International Politics Finalists' Dissertation Prize by Aberystwyth University, an Emily Sarah Montgomery Travel Scholarship by Queen's University Belfast, a JoinEU-SEE Penta Scholarship by the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Programme and multiple research support grants.

She is currently a member of the Political Studies Association Ethnopolitics Specialist Group, the International Studies Association, the European International Studies Association, and the University of Edinburgh’s Global Justice Academy and Cultures of Peace and Violence Network.

Twitter: @auttonwise