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Dr Devanjan Bhattacharya

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MSCA TRAIN@ED Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Master of Technology, Bachelor of Information Technology


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Devanjan’s areas of research and teaching being geo-spatial technologies, he works towards intelligent geospatial analytics merging remotely sensed data, navigation technologies, informatics and GIS, for sustainable smart societies. He is a Marie Curie Postdoc Fellow on data-driven innovation at Edinburgh University under TRAIN@ED project. He works with peace-building processes compiling spatial data collected online, using AI, NLP and geo-visualization, envisioning a data center “PeaceTech Edinburgh” to aid peace-building tasks through geospatial intelligence. He holds a PhD and M.Tech. in Geomatics Engineering, specialising in the areas of geoinformatics, spatial IoT, geo-sensor web, smart cities applications, spatial data infrastructures, location intelligence, big geodata with AI/ML etc.

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Twitter: @devgeoc

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