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Dr Daria Onitiu

Daria Onitiu

RA UKRI Governance & Regulation Node at TAS project

LLB International & European Law, University of Groningen, the Netherlands

LLM International Trade & Commercial Law, Durham University, United Kingdom

Graduate Diploma in Law, Northumbria University, United Kingdom

PhD in Law, Northumbria University, United Kingdom


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I joined the Edinburgh Law School as a Research Associate within the UKRI Research Node on Governance and Regulation at the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS) project- a collaborative effort combining technical, legal, social science, and humanities research to shape the governance of autonomous systems. My work intends to understand the socio-legal implications of these AI techniques and contribute to new perspectives within the project that promote the regulation and trustworthiness of autonomous systems.

I have a strong interest in interdisciplinary research investigating the facets and boundaries of the law to address pressing societal problems caused by novel technologies. For my PhD thesis (at Northumbria University, United Kingdom) I aim to re-construct the right to privacy regarding algorithmic personalisation systems in the fashion industry, focusing on the meaning of individual autonomy and identity and integrating knowledge from computer science and fashion theory.

I am also interested in multidisciplinary work on the intersection between law and technology. As a former Research Assistant at the Northumbria Internet & Society Research Interest Group (NINSO) at Northumbria University, I engaged with academics and experts outside my research area and compiled reports, as well as taken part in collaborative work.

Finally, I am passionate about the delivery of legal knowledge in an engaging format. I delivered the fundamentals of core legal subjects and legal skills at the University of Cumbria within the Department of Business, Law, Policing, and Social Science, as well as giving guest lectures on legal and ethical implications of predictive policing tools at Northumbria University.


Twitter: @DariaOnitiu