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Dr Chloë Kennedy

Dr Chloe Kennedy
Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law

LLB (hons), LLM (dist), PhD

Tel: 0131 651 5537


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Chloë's main research interests are criminal law, legal theory, legal history, and the relationship between these areas. She is particularly interested in intellectual and cultural legal history, focussing on the ways that prevailing ideas have shaped the law's development and continue to inform our contemporary assumptions. Her research also focuses on law and gender and law and religion.

Along with Prof Sharon Cowan (Edinburgh) and Prof Vanessa Munro (Warwick), Chloë is currently running the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project.

Chloë is also undertaking an AHRC research leader fellowship on identity deception, focussing in particular on inducing intimacy. Visit the Identity Deception Research Project website.

Chloë welcomes proposals for the supervision of PhD students who would like to work on i) criminal law theory ii) criminal law / justice iii) legal history and the history of legal thought (especially 18th and 19th century) iv) law and religion v) law and gender.

Twitter: @ChloeJSKennedy, @Scottishfemjp