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Dr Andrew J. M. Steven

Senior Lecturer in Law

LLB, PhD, Dip LP, NP, WS

Tel: +44 (0)131 668 2131


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Dr Andrew Steven is a Senior Lecturer in the Law School. In August 2011 he was appointed to the Scottish Law Commission for five years where he is the Commissioner responsible for property law reform. This appointment was renewed for a further three years in August 2016.

He was the lead Commissioner for the Scottish Law Commission's Report on Moveable Transactions (Scot Law Com No 249, 2017), which recommends reform of the law in relation to (a) assignation of claims (rights to performance of an obligation); (b) security over incorporeal moveable property; and (c) security over corporeal moveable property. He was also the lead Commissioner for the Report on Prescription and Title to Moveable Property (Scot Law Com No 228, 2012) and the Report on Section 53 of the Title Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003 (Scot Law Com No 254, 2019). He is current leading a project on heritable securities (mortgages).

His research work has focussed on property law and more particularly on rights in security. His monograph Pledge and Lien (Edinburgh Legal Education Trust) was published in 2008. In 2010 he gave the keynote address on real security rights at the International Property Law Conference held at UNISA in Pretoria, which was subsequently published as a book chapter in 2015. He has also researched the landlord's hypothec from a comparative perspective and presented a paper on this at the Second Worldwide Congress on Mixed Jurisdictions in Edinburgh in 2007 which was published in the Stellenbosch Law Review in 2008. He has analysed critically the recent reform of this security in Scotland. With Professor Kenneth Reid, he is currently supervising Andrew Sweeney, a PhD student, whose subject is the landlord's hypothec. In 2017 he was an invited speaker at the SLS Seminar on The Future of Commercial Law: Ways Forward for Harmonisation at the University of Durham.

He is the author along with Professor George Gretton of Property, Trusts and Succession (Bloomsbury Professional), the third edition of which was published in 2017. It is the first student text to treat the three subjects in the same volume. He has also collaborated with Scott Wortley on an annual volume of Scots Property, Trusts and Succession Law Statutes (Avizandum Publishing), which is now in its fifteenth edition. In 2015 he published a book chapter on the Scottish Law Commission's contribution to Scottish property law and in 2017 he contributed an article to the first issue of the Juridical Review under the editorship of Professor Jane Mair on Scottish property law's current state.

With Dr Ross Anderson and Dr John MacLeod, he co-edited Nothing so Practical as a Good Theory: Festschrift for George L Gretton (Avizandum Publishing, 2017).

Since 2004 he has taught at the annual European Private Law Summer School at the University of Salzburg and has taken a group of Edinburgh Law School undergraduates to the summer school since 2005. In 2009 he became one of the founding members of the Akademie für Europäisches Privatrecht of Salzburg. Since 2016 he has taught on a visiting basis at the University of Fribourg. He has also taught or given papers in Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the USA.

He is a former Associate Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Private Law. He is the Honorary Secretary of the Edinburgh Student Law Review, a Writer to the Signet and in 2017 was elected as a member of the Council of the Stair Society.

Twitter @andrewjmsteven