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Supporting inclusive peace through technology

Tue 14 March 2023

PeaceFem App Version 2

PeaceFem is an important contribution to the growing field of PeaceTech, which uses data and technology to support peace building. The app draws on case studies developed by InclusivePeace and Monash University and 30 years of PA-X peace agreement data from the University of Edinburgh.

Women’s participation in peace building is vital for building inclusive, sustainable peace. United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 reaffirms the important role of women in conflict resolution and calls for women’s equal participation and involvement in peace and security. Yet more than 20 years since its adoption, women frequently remain excluded from peace process negotiations and often participate at great personal risk. How can we encourage gender mainstreaming in peace processes, and can technology help?

In 2020 PeaceRep and their partners UN Women, InclusivePeace, and the Gender, Peace and Security Centre at Monash University launched the PeaceFem mobile app to meet demand for tools and resources supporting women’s inclusion in peace processes. PeaceFem is designed to support women’s rights advocates, mediation teams, and other peace and security actors in influencing peace process negotiations by providing case studies on gender provisions in peace agreements, and strategies used to work for their inclusion.

Following its launch in 2020, PeaceFem is now in use in more than 60 countries. PeaceFem has now been updated for 2023, with additional case studies and languages that will expand the app’s reach and accessibility among women’s rights advocates in even more regions around the world.

Find out more about PeaceRep and the PeaceFem App here.


PeaceFem is a collaboration between UN WomenInclusive Peace, Monash University’s Gender, Peace and Security Centre, and PeaceRep: The Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform at the University of Edinburgh.