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Professor John W. Cairns to give keynote at SLS 2021 Annual Conference

Mon 23 August 2021

John Cairns

Professor John W. Cairns, Professor of Civil Law at Edinburgh Law School, will give a keynote speech during the Society of Legal Scholars Conference. The key note will be on topic  being “Importing Enslaved Africans into Eighteenth-Century Scotland”, as part of the session, "Legal History: Colonial Legacies”.

2021 Annual Conference, Durham University

31st August – 3rd September 2021

The Society holds an Annual Conference in September, at which there are always also meetings of the subject sections. The Annual Conference is something of an institution, and provides an unrivalled forum for networking. Papers are read and discussed at each of the section meetings, and many of these are later published either in the Society’s journal or elsewhere. The Presidency of the Society is an annual office, and the conference is usually held at the home university of the President. Members may reasonably expect their law school to help with the cost of attending.

The Annual Conference not only allows formal consideration to be given to matters of current importance but also provides a unique opportunity for academic lawyers to get to know each other and share information about each other’s law schools, for example, about research and research facilities or about responses to government policy. In difficult times, this exchange of information and these personal contacts are indispensable. Without them, law schools would be weaker and less well co-ordinated in the defence of the vital interests of legal education.

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