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Professor Jo Shaw co-edits new book 'The Art of Being Dangerous'

Sun 9 May 2021

The Art of Being Dangerous

A unique and kaleidoscopic collection of feminist visual and literary art "The Art of Being Dangerous: Exploring Women and Danger through Creative Expression", edited by Jo Shaw and Ben Fletcher-Watson, has been published by Leauven University Press.

The book comes as part of a long term output of the Dangerous Women project which Professor Jo Shaw developed during her position as Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities.

"The Art of Being Dangerous" is available at the Leaven University Press website.

Ben Fletcher-Watson manages the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh.

Jo Shaw is Salvesen professor of European Institutions in the School of Law at the University of Edinburgh and part-time professor in the New Social Research programme at Tampere University.

Jo Shaw has written some thoughts about the release of this new collection in a new blog post.

The Art of Being Dangerous: Exploring Women and Danger through Creative Expression

The idea that women are dangerous – individually or collectively – runs throughout history and across cultures. Behind this label lies a significant set of questions about the dynamics, conflicts, identities and power relations with which women live today.

The Art of Being Dangerous offers many different images of women, some humorous, some challenging, some well-known, some forgotten, but all unique. In a dazzling variety of creative forms, artists and writers of diverse identities explore what it means to be a dangerous woman.

With almost 100 evocative images, this collection showcases an array of contemporary art that highlights the staggering breadth of talent among today’s female artists. It offers an unparalleled gallery of feminist creativity, ranging from emerging visual artists from the UK to multi-award-winning writers and translators from the Global South.

Jo Shaw
A major inspiration for the project was the tendency by some in the media to describe particular women as ‘the most dangerous woman in’ Scotland, or the UK, or the world.
Professor Jo Shaw
Salvesen Chair of European Institutions, Edinburgh Law School