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Professor Alexandra Braun’s monograph has been selected as one of the ‘Law Books of the Year’ in the JuristenZeitung

Mon 12 February 2024

Prof Alexandra Braun

Professor Alexandra Braun’s monograph ‘Claiming a Promised Inheritance: A Comparative Study’ (Oxford University Press, 2022) has been selected as one of the ‘Law Books of the Year’ in the October 2023 issue of the German law journal JuristenZeitung. 

‘Claiming a Promised Inheritance’ examines cases where a person is promised a future inheritance and, upon acting on it, later discovers that the promise is unfulfilled. The book structures its analysis and argument around the stories of disappointed promisees and their unfulfilled expectations of a future inheritance, and how they might seek redress. It maps and compares the various, and often very diverse range of legal responses that a promisee can avail herself of across different legal areas of the law across both common and civil law traditions.  In this book, Professor Braun argues that due to the social and legal context within which promises of a future inheritance are normally made, promisees are frequently in a vulnerable position that can be easily exploited. 

Professor Braun holds the Lord President Reid Chair in Law at the University of Edinburgh. She is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of European and Comparative Law in Oxford, Honorary Research Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, and Professor Extraordinary at the Department of Private Law of the University of Stellenbosch. Professor Braun is also Co-Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Private Law and Series Editor of the Edinburgh Studies in Law series published by Edinburgh University Press. 

Professor Alexandra Braun - Profile

‘Claiming a Promised Inheritance: A Comparative Study’