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New article on sovereignty and self-determination in Rojava and Ukraine

Wed 27 April 2022

Ukraine flag

In a new article for OpinioJuris, Dr Loqman Rapdey explores violations of sovereignty and the right to self-determination in Rojava and Ukraine.

Violations of international law are by no means rare in today’s world but the reactions to breaches from the international community vary greatly. At times the reaction is simple: Silence. In general, assaults on state sovereignty have been taken more seriously than other breaches of international norms and principles. However, the varied responses from states and international organisations towards the violation of this most fundamental principle have, in turn, led to more instability, unfriendly relations, and friction between states.

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Dr Loqman Radpey is a Research Associate of the Edinburgh Centre for International and Global Law (ECIGL) at Edinburgh Law School. He writes extensively on Kurdistan and statehood, self-determination and the Kurds, and the ‘Social Contract’ (i.e., the constitution) of Rojava.